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  1. Any one know Downtown Pittsburg well???

    Im taking the Girlfriend to see Michael Buble next firday night and were are staying @ the Westin.... dont know Pittsburg to well....

    I'd like to take her to an "upperscale" place for dinner and drinks..its will be our 4 year anniversary so i want to make it top notch...

    so any idea's or recommindations would be great..

    I am heading into enemy territory here(BROWNS FAN)..LOL ....but i'll do what every she wants to make here happy...(the things guys will do for their lady.)

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    You big softy !:D Dude, there has to be a BW3's in Pittspuke, you can't go wrong with a BW3's ! Make sure you wear your Browns jersey ! GO DAWGS !

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    Upperscale place to eat and drink first, better eat before Yall Leave,or Stop in Canton LOL:D :T :T :T
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    Frank do you want to take my terrible towel Betsy just brought back from pittsburg last weekend? I'll talk to her she's been there many times. Ohh I got a T-shirt and a couple plates and bowls to, I'll be sure to serve you chips and dip in them when your over for HD football this fall. OOOOOOOOOO.
  5. did you just use the words 'upperscale' and 'pittsburg' in the same breath?!


    sorry, cant help ya....but i also can't pass up an opportunity to , ahem, dawg the black & gold :)
  6. Well, having grown up in Pittsburgh, I not even going to dignify the prior comments with a reply. What I will say is that there are many good dining opportunities in the Steel City. I'd say if your just there for a short stay, go to Isabela on Grandview Ave. It sits on top of Mt. Washington (thats the big hill that the tunnells are cut through as you enter the city), has excelent food, and a great view of the City, would compliment a nice romantic weekend. For a more upscale, and expensive, experience you can try the Hyeholde in Moon Township, just outside of the city, but I think you need to call well ahead for reservations.
    More importantly there are plenty of great spots just around your hotel, including in the strip district. If you go to the strip, you have to go have a sandwich at Primanti Bros.


  8. Since the RIVALRY has been brought into the discussion, I have been a Browns fan since I was 12, I am 60. I would never think of going to Cleveland for the weekend, I love going to Pittsburgh, it is great. We stay at the Sheraton on the river. Make reservations at Monterrey Bay, on the Hill, it has changed hands, but a GREAT place. Pittsburgh is a GREAT place to spend time. John
  9. I have never been to Pits.....(can't say it , sorry) But I did see a show about the City and what there is to offer. Well I am ssssorry to say....Cleveland is a chithole compared to there. That show was very interesting. You drive into Cleveland and you get greeted to the homeless tent city.

    So I wont be off topic I did a search. I found this with all the dining places.

    Here is Isabela's that FWF mentioned. Sounds nice.

    Isabela on Grandview
    1318 Grandview Avenue
    Pittsburgh, PA

    Features contemporary cuisine. Gorgeous view of The Point. Specialties include duck breast and mussels. M-Th: 5-10pm. F-Sat: 5-11pm. Entrees more than $40.
  10. I agree with four weight. Gew up not far from pittsburgh. Love the city. You can't go wrong with any restauraunts on Mt Washington. Also, check out station square. It's really grown and lots of great places to eat bars etc. Don't even think about leaving Pitts. without a permanti Brothers sandwich. If you don't know where one is, just ask someone. They are the best.
  11. You're staying downtown at the William Penn - Good restaraunts within walking distance are:

    Ruths Chris Steak House at 6 PPG Place.

    Morton's Steak House, 625 Liberty Avenue.

    The Palomino, 4 Gateway Center

    Just across the river at Station Square I recommend:

    The Grand Concourse/Gandy Dancer

    Pittsburgh Rare (At the Sheraton)

    If you make it over to the Southside check out:

    Cafe Allegro, 51 S. 12th Street.

    Mallorca Restaurant, 2228 East Carson.

    These should get you started. All are very upscale with great food and good atmosphere.

    Enjoy and Happy Anniversary!
  12. You gotta eat at Parmentti Brother's. It in the Strip (warehouse) district. Not sure if this is still true, but they used to open at Midnight & be open til late in afternoon. It aint your high-end kinda place. Sets 20-30 blocks into an area that deals in freight, lots of food products (I used to buy #10 bags of pistachio nuts there from a warehouse), long, uneven road that ranges from 4-22 lanes wide with R.R. bridges crossing it so you have to weave around the trestles as you drive. Get there about 2:00-3:00 AM. You'll drive around the corner & wham- 200 people partying in the street. Specialty is cheese steak samwiches (That's Pittsburghese, learn to speak it.) People line up at the counter, the man points to you, order what you want. He'll go down the line of 20-30 people. When he gets back to you, he'll hand you what you ordered with no order ever written down & you always get the right food. Cheese steaks are made with 1 1/2" thick slice of homemade bread, a large order of fries & coleslaw, on the bread with the steak & cheese! Best samwich ever made! In 1985 they cost $2.50. I have never saw or heard of anyone eating more than one. Kinda like Saturday Night Live's "Cheeseburger, cheeseburger" place. They are so busy that they have 2 people whose jobs are to toss & catch the cheese needed to fill the orders. 1 stands by cooler, 1 by grille & they just throw packages of cheese that are used as fast as they get there. Hell of a job, tossing cheese for 8 hours straight. Remember, say yuns & ask about the Steelers & you'll have a great time! Wearing a Browns shirt might mean that no one will wait on you!
  13. While you are there you should walk over to the PPG Plaza. Can't miss it. It's the only Wicked Witch of the East Castle made of chrome & mirrors in Downtown. It fills about 9 blocks. Walk into the courtyard in the middle & yuns (I mean yunses since there are 2 of you) will enjoy the view.
  14. amorican,
    upscale & Pittsburgh can mean the same thing. There is a level of society that comes from generations of huge family money like I've never seen in Columbus. There keeping up with the Jones takes on a whole new meaning. The Mellons give the city a $15,000,000.00 art museum so the Scaif's gives them a $20,000,000.00 addition to the hospital. The Mellon family donated a guest house on their estate to the city years ago. It was turned into a clinic & a community center that offered classes in adult education. It has 39 bedrooms. That was just 1 of their guest houses. Univ. of Pitt's library was funded by one lady! She gave them a blank, personal check & said "Build a library, let me know what it costs". When they were done & they told her the amount, she said "That's not enough, fill it with books!!!"
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    all my family is from there, my uncle had a cabin cruiser on the allegany just a little away from the prison on the river. anybody know that area?
  16. Thanks for all the great input and responses...

    Kev... you eat that szcmata as far im concerned!!!

    And i will ,on Sunday, before we head back to cleveland... be eating @ Primanti Bros. enjoying that sandwich wearing my Kellen Winslow Jersey!!! GO BROWNS!

    Im gonna try to find a place closer to the Concert HAll. with Valet..... so i dont run late... again .. all great recomindations by all...And i do know there is Alot of "old money" in Pitssburg .. which makes it a uppersale town..... i am looking forward to this....

    .... now. what's the best place for some mid- nite martini's in that area????

    Thanks guys..

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