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    got outta class early (cstate) drove down to batelle park where santa maria is docked and set up three rods at 3 o clock this afternoon , the temp was mid 70's.. in the first FIVE minutes a hobo told me my line was tightening as i was looking away and i had my first, and in two hours hooked up with four channels (3-4lbs) and the last one was a 9 pushing 10 pounder. gotta parking ticket but shyte happens. by the way the hobos got really stoked about the 9 lber but i wouldnt give it to them cus i didnt think they were really sincere about eating it, with no means of cooking it, theyd prolly just let it die. once again raw chicken breast works....within minutes

    first time fishing the city, and after today ill be back....with plenty of quarters. and i found out the best way to catch a bum is to bait em with boiled eggs, they love em'. but i wouldnt know how to filet em'?

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    Glad to hear someone is having fun downtown :)...Despite the parking issues :( Check the meters across the river behind Cosi, as I recall they are remarkably cheap (and free after 5:00pm). Also try fishing the Mound St. dam and the bridge "pilings" sometime, lots of untapped structure in that area ;)

  3. Also, if you were by yourself, be aware that you are only allowed 2 rods per person. Don't need that on top of a parking ticket !!
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    Hey! I'm a bum and I'm offended by that remark! Bums are people too, you know.
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    Im also glad to see someone has had some success down there. In 3 trips Ive seen no signs of life as far as catfish go. Ive only used cut shad in that area though, so maybe thats why. Each trip we went from the confluence boat ramp down to COSI and then all the way up to the waterplant lowhead dam spending 1/2 hour or more in several spots, with only 1, 4lber being caught. I have just about given up on that area of the river I figured it was too poluted for a healthy catfish population. A 9lber proves that theroy wrong... NICE FISH ... Also I had a bum confrontation while on the boat. The guy swore up and down that we were in a restricted area and that we better jump outta our boat and swim to shore or else Snipers were going to take us out. Then he said it was restricted because it was Black Foot Indian Sacred land.. and how could we not have heard about this. He was so angry that we were laughing and not taking him seriously. SAY NO TO DRUGS KIDS Anyways, good catch im gonna have to try the Chicken Breast sometime.
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    I fish down there quite often and have had some good success with smallies on tubes. Also a good number of Carp (as you might expect). There are some very overlooked places down there.
  7. Lurked all summer, this quote provoked a response.....hi everybody and thanks for sharing fishing experiences, I'll share mine now, too.....I fish downtown from time to time as well and I think I ran into the same bum back in June. He said the same stuff about Black Foot Sacred Land and the snipers. He upped the ante by adding something about tax laws getting guys like me who think they can trespass on private property and how that will eventually lead to the FBI deportation of my father! The guy was soaking wet from showering in the fountain and was hostile enough about my "trespassing" that I wondered if my fishing pole would be effective against a bum rush. He stomped off after I heard him out and wished him a nice day. There's a lot of areas down there that seem they should hold fish, but if your feet are on concrete you'll be casting past several feet of garbage in most places. Lots of tires, food wrappings, the obligatory forty ounce bottles, even what appeared to be the sunroof of a car and a cushion from a plaid couch. It's a nice stretch of river with a unique back drop, but it's better viewed from a distance. I stopped under a bridge across from COSI to rest in the shade and noticed human excrement (barring the possibility of a tall and talented canine) smeared on a wall. If I'd caught anything other than a few bluegill I might've been more favorably disposed toward that day, but the bum encounter certainly made it memorable.

    I did canoe down there with a friend once and it was much nicer away from the bank, but we were more intent on exploring the confluence than fishing. It seems like you could wade out quite a way, but the water is really yucky near the banks. Anyhow, fish jumping all over the place, but none seemed to fancy my bait. Go catch 'em!
  8. I briefly considered heading down there as a quick place to take my son...some of this talk has kinda changed my mind.