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Downstream from Fernbank Friday nite

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by spiff, Aug 9, 2004.

  1. Friend and I fished just below (downstream) Fernbank park from the bank.

    I went to a local creek Thursday and put my smallest hook on and had a box of red wigglers in hand to fish for big chubs. Caught about 60 of them. A lot of fun. Used them Friday night. Chubs were 3" to 7".

    We got a bite about every 20 minutes until 3:20 am when I caught a "backstroker" and that seemed to end our run for the evening.

    Caught a 5lb channel and a 3 lb flathead...both back where they came from. We missed MANY fish and "should" have had about 6 a piece. Can't fry bites.

    So help me out here. When you get a run, should you strike immediately when the line is all out, or should you let it wonder for a while? We seemed to lose the fish after the hookup or would strike and it would feel like air....nothing. Using #6 circle and baitholder hooks.

    Also, used chicken livers but the fish weren't having any. No strikes what so ever on them. Only live bait. We actually burned up all 60 chubs. My grandpa would be disgusted with only 2 on 60.

    Hey, I could actually tell which catfish species was which...thanks to some pointers from some of you. Thanks....(see the nice forked tail on the channel..)

    May sneak out this Saturday for some more...not the same place though. The bottom had a dropoff and that dropoff was pure mud. Above was about 5 feet of water. Below was about 16 feet. Made it very hard to get your bait/fish in as the dropoff was NOT gradual. Caught the channel in 5 feet and the flathead deeper. Neither fought very much...kind of strange.

    Finally, that was my 25th turtle this year....#@$@#$#@$@#$. My buddies now call me the turtle king...nice.


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  2. I think you can attribute some of your misses to the turtles. You almost have to be "lucky" to hook one in the mouth.

  3. Consider me unlucky... The hookup was actually in the neck with a circle hook, so you're right there. Last week it was in the foot.
  4. shuvlhed1

    shuvlhed1 Banned

    You keep taking that many out of a creek at a time and you won't have to worry about using them anymore
  5. Relax. The creek I get my bait from only gets visited by me 2 or 3 times a year. You can stand in a pool among 10,000 minnows...literally. There are 8 or nine least since the last rain (which flash-flooded the creek from 8" to 12 feet. I never fish the same pool for bait and only keep a few of the biggest chubs (7"ers") and release the rest. Mostly keep 3-4" ones, of which there are thousands. You really can't seine them either. They head out to 6-7 feet of water near the outside curves of the pools and you can't net that deep. But, flip a worm in there and they jump out of the water like trout after a fly.

    Mostly, I just go to my favorite gill pond and catch 20 - 30 of them... or I break down and buy bait when I'm too lazy. I've known the creek since I was 16...I'm 46 now and there are more minnows now then there were then. I'd like to think that some of the warmouths and rockbass in there are mine, since I put them in the upper pools from lower ones years ago.

    My biggest competition there are the herons, which I watch eat hundreds at a time over a day. I've walked the creek from the head waters to the river at one time or another. This year, there are a lot of water snakes...big ones, sitting on the bottom enjoying the minnows too. Ran across a 6 footer eating shad that were trapped from the last high river. Very unpleasant creature. Almost got bit on the back of the calf. My son wanted me to catch it for 3 feet of water. I encouraged him to give it a try...after all, it's time for him to get a few horseshoe scars on his calfs doing stupid things like trying to catch big water snakes in 3 feet of I used to do.....;)
  6. shuvlhed1

    shuvlhed1 Banned

    If you are the only one who fishes it. I have seen a couple of creeks ruined by paylakers/river guys that have more time and waxworms than sense. Good creeks are coming harder and harder to come by. I have a few holes I won't even take my good friends to for these reasons.
  7. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Were you fishing at Big Indian creek?
  8. No clue on the name of the creek. It is near a chemical factory though....that based on the stench that would blow down wind and the big lit-up factory on the other side of the creek. We weren't alone. There were at least 3 other groups down there. We were the only ones catching though. A lot of boats went up that creek. What for, I don't know.

    As for the minnow situation and creeks, I find that most of these "paylakers" are a pretty lazy bunch (at least the ones I've run accross) and usually go for the low-hanging fruit...i.e. the closest hole to their car. Most of the pools I fish for bait are inaccessible unless you are willing to wade up to your armpits and you don't mind mosquitos. Also, there are things I do to "discourage" idiots who don't care about maintaining a resource...I'll leave it at that.
  9. Thanks for the geography lesson, catfishhunter33. Did some research on the creek. MDS built an unmanned sewer treatment plant on that creek. Also EPA reports on damaged ground water there.

    That would explain all the mud (sludge) there.
  10. traphunter

    traphunter Guest

    Dont worry about catching to many chubs out of the creek. Next time it floods it will wash just as many back down again. The reason for some of your misses might be the circle hooks. I cant seem to hook a fish on these to save my life. But thats just me. :D
  11. I've had about 60-40 luck on circle hooks. When they set, I either get the fish or a broken line. When they don't set...nada. My biggest change in hooksets occurred when I switched back to mono from braided-superline on my baitcaster. Turns out that I had trained myself to expect the stretch on mono. So, my strike with braid would either break the line or rip the hook out. Of course, figuring out that my drag wasn't working right probably had something to do with it too.

    The two hooks I'm trying this year are true-turns and circles. I've been reading about the Kahls that people are using and may investigate them as a new alternative. Tried to buy some big hooks to replace my lost ones, but all you guys bought up all the fives and sixes at Walmart, Dicks and Meijer...Jeez.
  12. rockbass

    rockbass Banned

    Sounds like a hell of a creek. I wished I had a good place to get bait around here!

    I would also say with the circle hooks, remember not to set the hook. you have to let the fish, or you just pull it tight. don't yank it out of the fishes mouth. Also another possibility, is that maybe they were small cats. Maybe that is why they would get your bait, but not get hooked. They may have only had part of the bait in there mouth when you set! :eek:
  13. Man,
    Do you know how hard it is to break yourself from setting the hook? It's 2am and you're semi-conscious when the bait-clicker screams... Now which pole had the circle hook on it??? "Don't set, don't set, don't set"....whoops too late.

    You could have a point.

    So, with circles, open bail or not? Pick up immediately or give it a minute?

    Same questions for other hooks that require strikes.
  14. monsterKAT11

    monsterKAT11 Team Fatty

    i hear you gotta keep steady pressure on the line, keep it kinda tight then just wait untill the pole tip goes down, thats when you know you got em' hooked, they'll pull hard. i havn't used circle hooks, but i've done alot of research on them.
  15. rockbass

    rockbass Banned

    Yes I do know how hard it is. I have been there and lost quite a few fish for this reason. I still do it here and there now. The thing I kind of adopted as a way to help me remember, when bank fishing anyway, is I use a circle hook on one of my cat rigs all the time. and the other rig I will use circel when using live bait or cut bait, but not all the time when using liver. I also keep the circle one on the right side. It is a CatMaxx combo so it is black. That also helps!

    Now when it comes to open bail, With my 2 baitcaster cat rigs, I of course leave the bail open with the clicker on..........I also willlet a fish run a little with the bait before I pick it up. I think it is also a bit of just having the feeling when enough run time is enough. Sometimes I have let fish run forever seemingly and still don't get a hook into the fish. Other times, as soon as it starts going seems to work. When I use my Openface cat rig, I rarely leave the drag open unless I am fishing a lake. I have used circles on this rod many times. I have missed fewer than I have caught. I usually just leave a little slack in the line for the fish to run with before it feels any tension. This rig worked perfectly last fall when I was catching a lot of nice channels in the river on shad. They were hitting so agressively, they inhaled the bait and pulled setting the hook on themselves. I think you just have to get a feel for them. I was really upset at first when using circles. Now I use them as much as I can for cats. and have started using them for bluegill!

    I am no expert though, you need to talk to some of the good cat guys!
  16. Cool! Thanks for tips, guys. I'll be more methodical this Saturday nite when I once again practice my cat-fishing at the river. New spot this time...either down near the woodland mound ramp or near Leblond park. Last week's hit every 20 minutes at Fernbank got me stoked, but the drive from the east side kicked my butt. Time to scout closer to home....:)