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Downrigger question?

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by ocdfishguy, Sep 18, 2005.

  1. A friend finaly decided to get a new boat, man is it nice 2005 baha 251GLE. Anyway he is having the dealer install all of his stuff so I don't have to this time. He had 4 downriggers on the old boat and he is going to have the 2 electric ones put on the new boat and I get the 2 manual ones. I have never used them before and plan to use them on some of the central ohio lakes. I plan on picking his brain but the only time he uses his is when he goes to N/Y fishing for kings. I am looking for any information from the guys that use them on smaller lakes. I have a basic idea of how they work but is there anything that I should keep in mind. Any tips or tricks would help me out. Thanks.
  2. freyedknot

    freyedknot useless poster

    one trick is to use a stacker and fish more than 1 depth..onother trick is run a 3 way swivel and run a deep crank and something that runs shallow on top of it . the deeper bait needs a 6 ft leader off the 3 way and the shallow bait gets a 4 ft lead off the 3 way. anything is possible.

  3. I'm not a downrigger expert, but I think I'd mount them on a track-type base (like a Bert's) so that if/when you decide to change to electrics you won't be drilling additional holes. Makes it easy to remove the rigers when you won't be using them, too.

  4. Hook N Book

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    There's no big secret to using them. As FreyedKnot said, you can use stackers to fish different depths and to run more than one rod per rigger at a time. You can also use a slider which will find the middle point of the bow in the cable. This can be accomplished one of two can buy a slider release or you can just use a swivel and let it find the mid-point of the cable. The one thing that is important is to load the Rod as tight as possible with out pulling the line out of the doing so, it will pretty much set the hook on most fish. You should also check your line frequently if fishing inland lakes since a hit may be harder to detect. You will want to experiment with lead lengths too...since some fish will spook when trolling directly over them.