Dove Season!!!!

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  1. Anyone else getting pumped about the upcoming opening for Dove? Where are some good spots to dove hunt in SW Ohio? Im READDDDYY
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    Up here in the NE I have been seeing a ton of the birds. I am happy to see it come, but on the other hand it means summer coming to an end. It went to fast. !@

  3. I am going on opening day with my brother and a buddy. I haven't dove hunted in 17 years. I am going out scouting for birds today. Going back to my brothers to shoot trap afterwards. Hopefully, we are going to get on em!
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    I've been counting the days since the season ended last year. lol
    My dogs love to Dove hunt, and I think those little buggers are mmmm-mmmm-GOOD! :)

  5. How do you guys go about hunting dove??? I mean do you find a likely area and set up back in a treeline or whats the deal?? I never have done it myself.
  6. Smallmouth, that's pretty much about it lol. A lot of state operated land has designated areas for Dove hunting, which the state plants corn, sunflowers, etc.. And you can sit in the treeline or in the middle of the field in the stalks. Just wait for em' to fly over head, and take em. It's a blast ( no pun intended ) and the birds are delicious. Luckily for me, I just found out my brother ( Bowhunter9017 ) have a 60 acre corn field to hunt over all to our selves.
  7. I kinda thought that was the long and short of it..wasnt sure though..I didnt know you guys ate the birds though.
  8. Oh hell yea! You, and a couple buddies sitting around an evening fire, eating grilled dove, and drinking a cold on ( Sam Adams, Boston Lager ), talking about the day and exchanging stories. Nothing like it man, it's a great time.
  9. I like to marinate them in italian dressing and wrap them with bacon on the grill. This will be my son's first year hunting so that makes it even better.
  10. Congrats Swan! I wish I could take my son out.. But he's ONE year old, and I don't think he'd handle it too well lol
  11. He is 11 and has been tagging along with me on "real" hunts for 4 years. He has been with me for 2 deer kills and countless small game hunts. I got him an 870 20 gauge this spring for his birthday and I can't wait to get him out this fall!![​IMG]
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    pretty sure me and the 11-87 will be close that day

    i havent missed opening day since the law was passed
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    Here's how I've been cooking them up...

    Marinate them in a mixture of equal parts:
    1. Wistershire Sauce
    2. Soy Sauce
    3. Terriyaki Sauce
    chopped Garlic
    course pepper
    and a touch of olive oil

    Put marinade in a zip-lock bag and add the Dove breasts. Let them refrigerate for at least 2-4 hours...overnight is best.

    Slice up jarred or canned whole jalopeno peppers into long slivers, like 1/8 inch wide and an inch long.

    Slice shallots, so that you have a 1/16 inch thick slice, the width of the entire shallot.

    Take 1 half of a Dove breast and place 1 jalopeno slice and 1 shallot slice in the center of it. Place another Dove breast on top of it...(the breast are sorta shaped like hearts, so I place the wide end of one breast over the skinny end of the opposite one).

    Cut a slice of uncooked bacon in half...wrap the Dove "package" with 1 half slice of bacon one direction and then the othe direction with the other 1/2 slice of bacon, and stick a 1/2 of a toothpick in the center to hold it all together. This entirely covers the Dove, or pretty darn close to it. The more Dove that is covered with fat, the juicier the meat will be after cooking.

    The tastiest way to cook these is over a low heat coal/wood fire. This temp keeps the bacon fat from flaming up and turning your meat black from the smoke.
    Place the Dove "packages" on the grill, and cover with aluminum foil. Place rocks around the edges of the aluminum foil to form a "lid".

    Cook one side for 20 minutes and then flip and cover for another 15 minutes, or until bacon is crisp. The Dove always comes out tender and juicy if cooked slow like this.

    Or, if you don't want to mess with the grill (which has been my case the past 7 or 8 times I've cooked Dove this year), simply use the broiler in the oven on low flame. This allows you to watch them closely and turn whenever you see one needs to be turned to evenly cook the bacon.

    Also, when the are under the broiler, I put them on a cookie sheet that has been lined with quick release aluminum foil for the following reasons:
    1. Clean up is a snap. Just throw away the aluminum foil. The cookie sheet is spotless.
    2. The bacon will not stick to the foil as it cooks.

    I also keep a second cookie sheet, also lined with foil, on the second rack in the oven, while the Dove is cooking...why? Because, the bacon fat has no where to go when it's under the broiler and could very well flame up if not removed. That would be bad, so better safe than sorry!

    About half way through the cooking process, I will transfer all the Dove to the second cookie sheet, which is already heated like the first tray, and finish cooking them.

    It takes about 20-25 minutes in the oven as compared to 35-40 minutes it takes on the grill. But, you need to keep a closer eye on them while in the oven as compared to doing it over the coals.

    When they are them with your favorite side dishes and enjoy!

    They are delicious!

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    OH MAN, i cant wait until September 1st, man i am so excited, my uncle, cousin, and i will most likely be heading out to Deer Creek hunting area, we go out there every year. they have a few Sunflower fields. GOOD HUNTING. well good luck to everyone.
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    i'm pumped!! im out opening day every year i just have to decide whether to hunt doves or squirrels! i like the taste of squirrel alot better. only 17 days!!!!
  17. Sounds like fun. I have never been. I'm mostly a deer, rabbit and squirrel hunter. I did get out last season and go pheasant hunting with a fellow ogf'er and got my first pheasant, and had a blast in the process. If anyone would like a tag along in central OH, holler at me, I'd love to give it a shot.
  18. Ok I have pheseant in my yard, along with dove. Now are dove cleaned the same way? Wouldnt mind giving them a shot as well while waiting on pheasant season