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  1. Just came from Dick's where I found some new stock of Dipsy Diver Size#1. The pins had different prices($8.95-$13.95, all size 1's) posted for them and I selected two from the $8.95 pin-one orange and one green. Get to the register and the orange one is $8.95, the green is $13.95! I ask the check-out guy what the difference is and he tells me "Probably the color"! So I go back and get TWO more of the orange and, sure enough, they ring up $8.95. Can you believe it? If you go to Dick's for Dipsys, buy the orange...!?!
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    The newer Dicks in Garfield heights had the same deal on the orange size 1 Dipseys. Just the orange, all other were priced as you mentioned.

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    niles dicks had the orange ones on sale this last spring. i bought all 4:p