Don't shoot the little bucks , Please !!!!!

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  1. I live in the SE part of the state , Noble,Morgan,Guernsey county area's. On my way home today I stopped by the check station in Reinersville to see what kind of bucks had been checked in and was totally disgusted with what I saw and it is becoming all to common. As I was looking at this years pics 3 guys came in and announced they had 3 bucks to check in so of course my interest was peaked and wondered outside with them to check them out and hear in the back of the truck were 3 of the smallest bucks I had ever seen. 1 was a 6 point that could almost fit into my hand , a 6" spike with a very small body and a basket 8 that was the same size as the 6. What gets me is that these guys were from out of town which is great , come here spend your money have a good time , enjoy the woods and what we have to offer. But the 3 guys talked about letting multiple does go by for 2 days but wanted a buck. We have a very good deer population down here but if we continue to take inmature bucks we will not get any slunngers. They were hunting for racks versus meat which is cool , but at least make the rack worth talking about or take a doe and aet well. Sorry here was my rant take it for what it is worth .
  2. I have not shot a small buck in years but I also believe that as long as someone is hunting within the law it is their choice as to what they fill their tag with. I myself have not shot a buck in almost three years because I also pass the small ones, I can fill the freezer with does. My son on the other hand has free reign to kill whatever he wants, i would never expect him to hold out for the type of buck i am looking for.

    In fact taking my son out bowhunting for the first time this year has me really thinking twice about this antler craze that has been building for 10-15 years. My son has not said anything directly about it but he has heard the talk between my buddies and I for years about "big bucks" and i just get the feeling that he is starting to think he would be a "substandard" hunter if he kills a small buck. To me that is sad. If he says anything directly about the "worthiness" of killing a smaller buck I will kill the next buck i see to show him hunting is about far more than antlers. There is my rant:)

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    With my limited hunting opportunties, I need to take the first deer that comes by. I would prefer to harvest a doe over a basket rack, but I really want some venison and unlike others that have good properties to hunt, a doe is no guarantee where I hunt. So for me the first thing that walks by is getting put down. One of these days I will be able to have the luxury of knowing I can take a doe and then I can hold out for a bigger deer. Any deer taken with a bow is a trophy in my books.
  4. Well said.
  5. I passed on a small 110" 8 point tonight. Could have shot the thing 10x over. My buddy and I have passed on over a dozen bucks this year, all less than 120". My buddy was fortunate enough to take a 170" deer after patiently waiting. I on the other hand am still looking for my buck. I would much rather shoot a doe than shoot a small buck. Attached is a pic of my buddies buck taken on Nov 4. This is what happens when you let them walk and grow up!

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  6. Guys , I understand greatly what your are saying and if opportunity presents itself for a specific reason ie : meat in the frezzer , health ,family, first kill etc. The thing is that these fellows stated the were hunting horns and had passed on multiple does. I personally hunt mostly for meat which means I usually take a fair amount of does (3.5) last year , the only time I will take shots at a buck is when they are a mature deer large rack or not.
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    I would like to see a minimun pt set for Ohio much like the one in PA.... ohio has so many nice sized bucks... if we did not allow bucks with less then 3 on one side I think we would have a better overall heard. People hated it in PA when it first went into effect... but 5 years into it... many huge bucks are now being taken... plus it requires hunters to actually concentrate on what they are shooting instead of letting lead fly... like i experience each year on public land.

    I personally would not take anything under six... or notable small body wise... simply because the doe meat is better... and bucks are much more uncommon so the idea of time constraints and first by... die.... is just silly.
  8. How in the world do you take half a deer?

    The area you are talking about is the same area I hunt. I agree you should let the little ones walk but that is all public land. There is no way to do any kind of QDM on public land so you just have to ignore it and go on about your style of huntin. If you have hunted that area for any amount of time, you know as well as I do that there are still some brutes walking around out there. I havnt connected with one of em yet but I see em every year!! He'll step under my stand one of these days. I'll be out that way sat morn!!
  9. for a first deer small buck is fine after that i just say u suck :)
  10. now what do we want next? are we are talking about getting into slot lengths on deer? you can only shoot between a 6 and a twelve point, anything over that should be kept alive for the sake of the gene pool? if a have a tag i am gonna shoot whatever comes at me first! we can all agree that if you have a deer in the freezer then you can be a lot more selective. a doe is a nice first deer but a lot of people do not have the time to hunt all year. i myself am only good for maybe a total of 7-8 days total a year!!
  11. Where in Ohio do you hunt?? I have yet to see a buck with less than three on a side this year. I'm not sure how antler restrictions would help, most deer at 1.5 have at least three on a side.
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    Swantucky is right I've seen alot 1.5 year old bucks and only 1or 2 had less than 3 on one side, the majority of the young bucks where I hunt would still be eligible under the 3pt. rule. However I also think it sucks when you got guys telling other hard working folks they suck for taking what they can in their limited amount of time. I've been working 2 jobs(1 full time 1 part) for the last year and half and I've never had less time to hunt in my life and that
    really sucks. Halloween morning I killed a beautiful 2.5 year old 7pt with a 15 inch inside spread and I could not be more proud of him,the shot, or the hunt. I work too hard for someone to tell me what i can and can't shoot you got a problem with that you suck
  13. I would have to agree on taking (Mature Bucks), and letting the small ones go. That is what we do with the Property I hunt, And take out Does to get the ratio where it should be. I guess It would be easier to pass on deer if you are hunting Private land with not alot of guys bowhunting. I see others Points on about there hunting time and locations, in decisions on taking a younger deer. A trophy is in the Eye of The Beholder, And sometimes if i have to put a little bbq sauce of my Buck Tag i will. IM Due For the BIG Guy.
  14. I am a mature buck hunter. My standards are 8 points and outside the ears. There have been plenty of bucks taken just off our property that I wish would have made it through the year. But honestly, there is nothing I can do about it. I don't get mad or look down on the hunter who takes these bucks.

    I have passed on many bucks I felt were a year away from being a true trophy in my eyes only to find out our neighbor harvested them. It is all apart of the sport. I know when I pass on them, that it is a crap shoot if they make it or not.

    Just have to hope they make it, but that doesn't mean you are going to see them ever again.
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    you have no right complaining about how someone LEGALLY fills their tag. not everyone lives 5 minutes away from the 10 pointers, has a deer camp or able to wait it out until the big 10 pointer comes down the trail. some people have to harvest what they can because of other obligations. im sure those guys would have liked to take a bigger deer, but they didnt and thats their choice. of all the things ive read people complaining about on this site, this is by far the most absurd, you say there a lot of deer, then you complain because someone kills them and you dont think they were big enough:confused:
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    There is no better tasting meat then a corn feed Ohio button buck
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    Everyone has the right to set their own personal standards. No one has the right to tell someone else how they should hunt or set their standards if they are hunting within the set laws.

    I promise that I will never tell you how to hunt but I also will not allow you to tell me either.

    Same ole crap every year, It takes a lot of nerve.

    I have very similar deer management beliefs as you do but it is self imposed, I don't step on anyone's personal rights to further my agenda
  18. I get 1 week a year to hunt deer on public hunting grounds during archery season. Brown its down. Florida you want to really enjoy yourself wait till gun season and see the stuff those church vans take back north.
  19. I'm still waiting to hear how Florida took that half of a doe last year? Was King Solomon involved?
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    People have been shooting big and little bucks for years in Ohio. And Ohio still puts out trophy deer. Go look at the ODNR website. No one has the right to tell someone else how to hunt. How selfish.