Don't release BIG walleye

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  1. Heard about this technique back in the late 80's. Fought a 49 inch, estimated 60 pound Eye for about 45 minutes before getting him to the boat. Wanted to keep him in the livewell prior to release and in good shape after the official weigh in and scale sample so decided to make sure he was out of shock prior to placing him in the well. Held him by the tail and pumped him back and forth for around a half hour without any good results so I slapped the water above and just in front of his nose. That darn fish was playing possum as he lunged forward, latched onto my hand and proceeded to pull me overboard. Dragged me down to the bottom and ran me over the Zebras for a while prior to releasing me to fish again another day. Last time I tried that and have since put all the Eyes over 20 pounds directly into the ice chest after clubbing them. Tried keeping them in the well but they punched out the sides and darn near sunk the boat. Gotta go now as my friends have again caught me at the computer and want to put my jacket back on me. Bye. :p :rolleyes: :D :D
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    Oh man I think somebody is ready for SPRING! ;) :p

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    i thought you knew better than to try to put eyes that big in the livewell? :rolleyes: :eek: :p :p
  4. Ron it might be time for you to go on a road trip fishing somewhere :)
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    60 pound Walleye????? Oh, I remember that one. That's the one you caught on a 4 pound cricket, right???
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    Remember to take your medication!

    Magis and I have already been preparing your therapy area ;)