Don't buy a P.O.S. Ford!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Fastlane, Feb 4, 2005.

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    Man, I bought a very nice Ford F150 SuperCrew back in June. I was in love. Beautiful truck with all the toys. Now I am so ticked that I ever bought the thing. It has been sitting for the most part for 3 months now and every month I am shelling out almost $400 a month to the bank plus $90 in insurance just to look at it sitting in my driveway. The ignition system has 8 coils that sit right on top of the plugs and are controlled by the computer. It is a great system if it would work. 3 months ago the truck started missing really bad and cutting out. After a few days the SES light came on and I took it to Autozone to read the codes. Misfire on cylinder 6. I shelled out almost $100 for new plugs (which I really couldn't afford at the time) and replaced the coil. 3 days later, same thing only no SES light so no trouble codes. Things have been slow at work and I have been short on cash so it has been sitting every since. Ford wants almost $1000 to replace all the coils and track down the cause of the repeated coil failure. I obviously don't have the money for that, if I did, I would just go buy 8 new coils @ $60 each and hope for the best. Anyway, tonight I took all 8 coils off, replaced all 8 plugs, and tried to find the bad one. All 8 tested the same resistance within a very very narrow margin. I cleaned each one and put them back on. Oh yeah, did I mention what a pain this procedure is? You have to remove the fuel injectors and fuel rails not to mention many vaccume hoses and other items to perform the surgery. Anyway, after all was said and done I am still no better off than I was 3 months ago when the trouble started. Apparently this is a very very common problem. So much so that on there are over 150 post about this same trouble. A Ford mechanic on there told me he has changed thousands of them. He even referred to one customer with a Harley Davidson F150 that was having coils replaced monthly! My truck is out of warranty so I am screwed. I have to foot the bill. I have driven chevys and GM products to the 200,000 mile mark with fewer troubles than this. Worse yet, I still owe almost 15k on it. This gives a whole new meaning to Fix Or Repair Daily.

    Anyway, if any of you are considering a newer truck stay away from 98-03 Fords. The problem has apparently been corrected in 04 and newer or perhaps it just hasn't surfaced yet. And from what I have read, it is the same with Crown Vics and Mustangs. Both the 4.6 and the 5.4 engines have the problem.

    Ford denies it is an issue.
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    Man dude sorry to hear about your problems. And you know Ford will say it isn't a problem, kinda like when Ford and Firestone were arguing over what was causing the Fords to turn over. It's never their fault.

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    You just bought the truck in June, still owe almost 15k on it, and it's out of warranty.

    Did you buy the truck from a dealer or private owner?
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    I hear ya Tom. Sorry about your truck problems. It's funny when stuff like this happens to a large amout of the same make of vehicle , and the maker still claims nothing is wrong. I've had huge problems with chevys also. Good Luck........ CATKING :)
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    Well I have 50000 on my 2002 F-150 5.4 V8 and you would have to kill me to get it. Sorry you had trouble but don't blame Ford, it is a used vehicle, who knows what the original owner did.
    I have a link that I can send you to get to the bottom of your problem but my computer had a meltdown and is in the shop. When I get it back I'll let you know if interested. There is a problem somewhere that is making those coil packs go out, so just replacing them probably isn't going to do anything but drain your wallet. Doesn't suprise me any that the meachanics arn't on top of this. Please post the year and engine size and I'll see what I can find out for ya.
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    I have a 03 F150 and haven't had that problem yet. (knock on wood) I think all manufactures run and hide from their "problem" I have an olds with a 3.8 that I had to replace the both intake & exhaust manifolds. Seems that the exhaust manifold melted (melted????) the intake manifold. Gm knew of this problem and in fact redesigned the exhaust manifold to fix the problem. The car had just ran out of the warranty so both manifolds and labor came out of my pocket. Just to make matters a bit more frustrating I had to wait 3 weeks to get the "fixed” exhaust because of a nation wide shortage.

    Oh, I will still only buy American made vehicles ... Good Luck I hope you find a way to get it fixed a little cheaper.
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    Orlando, it is a 2001 5.4L engine. The vin code is L I believe. If you haven't had a coil problem yet, most likely you will soon. Look on and search for COP. There are many many post from owners and mechanics alike. I wish you luck with yours but as for me, I guess I have a $15000 lawn ornament for now. I have found a set of coils for $150 that I am considering but I am afraid it is something else causing the failures.

    Yes it is out of warranty, I bought it used from a reputable dealer but the warranty was 90 days or 3000 miles. Mfg warranty is expired. What sucks even more is that it had an extended warranty on it from the original owner but it was cancelled just a few months ago. I guess the original owner remembered it and cancelled it to get a pro-rated refund. I can't complain to the dealer because I now work for that dealer and it would cause turmoil at work.

    Fishman, the recall is for the cruise control. I can't get that lucky. Heck I can't even be lucky enough to have that problem burn it to the ground.
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    I have a 2001 F150 SuperCrew that now has 60,000 miles on it and it has been an exemplary truck. No problems, no break downs, nothing. I am like Orlando- you'd have to kill me to get it away from me. It hauls, it tows, it rides like a nice car, it moves pretty good for a 5K chunk of metal and it looks good. I do regular oil changes and maintenance but have yet to touch anything under the hood as far as the engine itself goes.

    I also have a neighbor who has had 3 POS Chevys in a row that the factory has bought back because they can't get the Duramax to run right. My uncle had two Dodge Rams that died at 70,000 miles. Anybody can get a vehicle that has a problem and it has nothing to do with brand. They're all made by man and none of them are perfect.

    150 complaints out of thousands of people isn't a big issue- the people with no problems don't bother to post.

    The fire hazard is a cruise control switch on the master cylinder that can overheat and catch fire. I looked at mine and I think it is more due to a routing issue than the switch, but Ford will step up and fix it.

    Your problem wouldn't be an issue if you had access to a shop with good techs. When it read a misfire on #6, why did you replace all 8 plugs? Why not just the one? And did you get the connectors tight on the plugs when you reinstalled the coils?

    My sister drove an '98 Crown Vic to 155,000 miles and then I drove it another 40,000 after that and STILL got $1,600 for it when I traded it in on my SuperCrew. It went to 96,000 on the original plugs and wires and was on the second set when I traded it in.

    It's too bad you are having problem. They never break when they are just sitting in the driveway. I hope you are able to find someone who can fix it for you.

  10. I am sorry for you and your truck problems.
    Fishman that fire problem is with the cruise control not coils.
    I have three fords and have not hade a drop of problems with them. My dad has an 01 ford f150 that he had major problems with though. He was going fishing and the engine locked up. A spark plug blew apart and shot into the piston. He had 98,000 miles on the truck and new that he was going to have to put another engine in it. The wrecker showed up and took him to the garage. Four cups of coffee later the mechanic shoed up with the bad news about the sparkplug and what it had done. To my dads shock the machanic had already checked to see if it was under waranty. The extra waranty covered the plugs and engine.
    They supplied dad with a truck to drive while they fixed his. Two days later the machinic showed up with his truck. Get this, not only did dad receive new plugs but he got a new engine and new transmission. Seems that 2004 engines did not match up to his transmission.
    The total cost was the gas he put in the truck that he drove around.
    Now that is the ford that I know about.
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    The problem with the fires and the cruise control switch that Walter mentioned can occur at anytime even if the truck is sitting in the driveway not running. They ran a news report on it a couple of days ago. One family's truck was parked in the garage when the switch shorted and burnt down the house. Fortunately no one was hurt. If your truck or car is one that has this particular cruise control switch it is something to be taken seriously. You will never know you have a problem till the truck catches fire then its too late.
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    Over 500 post on one board about the problem is hardly a small issue. And these are people who LOVE Ford trucks and would drive nothing else. I love my truck too but I hate the mechanical issues. Another major issue with the 5.4 is blowing plugs but fortunately I have not experienced that one and I pray I never do.

    You are right, my problem would not be an issue if I had the money to pay a shop over $1000 to replace the coils and diagnose the issues. But I don't. Why replace all 8? Well I have only replaced 1 coil but all 8 spark plugs. Why? Because it is a pain in the arse to get to the plugs and once the fuel rails are pulled to change one you may as well change them all. The coils themselves are not to bad to pull once you get down that far. Why replace all 8 coils? They are sequentially going out and like I said it is a pain to change one then go back a week later to change another and so on. Maybe the rest would be fine for a while or maybe only for anothter day or week. It is a 3 hr job to change all of them and about 2 hrs to change only 1 depending on which one it is. Of course I have unlimited time to work on it so I guess I should just keep changing them one at a time. You're right!

    I agree that it is a great truck when it is running right, plenty of power and acceleration, great ride, great looks, etc. But all that is worthless when it is just sitting in the driveway.

    If you get another 20,000 out of yours without having to change a coil I will be amazed.
  13. Fishman

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    haha, Like I said wasn't sure :)
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    Hate to hear that Tom. Guess I,ve been lucky with my Ford trux. Put 200,000 on my 97' 4.2 and only replaced brakes and rotors a few times. One battery and one relay for a light. I bought an 04' Ford Heritage truck with the 4.2 and plan on drivin' it a long time. No bugs so far at 13,000. Good luck. LakeRaider
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  15. I have a 2000 F-150 and never had 1 problem out of it other than it cant pass a gas station.
    15 MPG if I lucky.
    It now has 119,000 on it and still going strong.
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    I have a 2003 Heritage F-150 with a 4.6L Red and Black Love the truck I was told the Heritage would be made for only 1 year to commemorate fords 100-year anniversary 1903-2003. I guess that was another Ford fairy tale. I also had a 4.2L 96 F-150 in the new body style when they first came out. It was the first new model Klaben sold. I had to have the water pump replaced on it 3 times the first year. After that I only had to put brakes on it a onces also. But I traded it in with 68.000 miles in 98 for a new one then that one in 99 with 60.000 miles and then in 2001 with 61.000 miles and then that one in 2003 with 57.000 miles for the one I have now. I will be trading this one in soon the tires will need replaced if I don’t. :D
  17. Ive Owned Ford From Day One And Itll Stay That Way! :)
    The First Ford I Owned I Drove For 16 Years And Not One Tow Bill.
    Now Im Driving A 01 F-150 With 35000 And Ive Not Had A Problem But I Havent Started It Today. :d :d Ive Worked And Know A Few People With 4.6 And No Problem.
    I Know A 30 Year Mechanic That Might Shed Some Light For U!

    See What I Can Come Up With But Plugs Often Will Take Out Coils!

    I Stick With Auto-light :)
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    Just to let you know, Autozone's programmers and code translator's are the equivalent of looking for the haystack when you need the needle. When you have a code and autozone pulls it the best you'll get from them is a generic translation. It would be like looking for my house and me telling you it's in North America.

    Also, when it comes to recalls, remember, 90% of vehicle parts today are not made by the manufacturer's. They are shipped in from out side the country. When we have problems with engines we build, it is almost always the outside supplier and they usually are not domestic.

    Thank you NAFTA and Clinton.

    Just kidding, It's all Bush's fault anyway :D
  19. Have to agree with Wannabit. My son had a problem with the battery in his Ford going dead. Third time it went dead he took it to Autozone. They diagnosed his problem as a bad alternator. Took it back to the Ford dealership as it was still under gaurantee and they diagnosed it as a dead cell in the battery. Replaced the battery and all is fine. So much for Autozone diagnosing problems.