don't bother with the ohio river

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  1. Like a fool I tried to sneak out for an hour on the Ohio this afternoon. Its not fishable. Water is completely brown, there is gunk and logs floating everwhere, the water is moving really fast, and the water temp is down in the mid 50's. Its so high its going to be a while before the water level drops enough. Guess I'll have to hit a bowling alley or go golfing or something.
  2. Buckslayer

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    I went today and caught over 20 wipers with the largest being around 8 pounds.

  3. Buckeye1955

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    The river at Marietta is forcasted to be back near normal pool on Sunday. We had lots of rain over a large area, it will take awhile to drain out. It looks like a drier spell is forcasted after this Wednesday. Even the Memorial Day Weekend looks pretty good! Yippee!
  4. Yeah, you can still get them in the high water , just need to look harder and fish slower

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  5. we don't usually fish for them, but we did catch this 14# fish yesterday. not really sure but it looked like a true striper to me? i m sure someone could tell for sure

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  6. misfit

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    looks like a wiper to me,..and a hog at that:B
  7. Mushijobah

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    My God. Nice Whipe-Stripe!
  8. Looks like it has spawned out already if thats possible. I was fishing the Ohio River Saturday and caught a few white bass. I think these fish are very hungry and will eat even in the mud as long as you can get your bait in front of them.
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    Fished the Greenup tailwater yesterday afternoon for about two hours without a hit.About eight fishing and didn't see anyone land anything.Glad a few are doing good.
  10. yeal man, u,all have all that ( mud, fast moving water and floating gunk ) in the river. but u still got to love her. good looking fish there daveo , teamclose. i,ve sporting a skunk.
  11. I'd say thats a striper and boone creek do you do that on purpose??
  12. firecat

    firecat Larry Lange

    Did you guys catch any cats when you were out?

  13. Larry, we caught 7. No big ones but they were all between 10-20. We need some warm days in a row and they should really be turned on. The water was 60.6 in the Ohio w/ lots of current and still some debris. I'll see you at Mason!
  14. Hey Firecat, my buddy had a skipjack hooked up on our prototype crankblade and was near to landing it when his drag went crazy. He looked at me and said something just happened. His skipjack grew real fast. He fought that fish on light tackle and finally got it in. It was an 8 to 10 lb channel cat. I thought that was pretty cool. We cut up a skipjack that we caught earlier and caught one drum, a bluecat and a channel cat. All were between 10 and 13 lb. Seems the fish were biting pretty good for the conditions.
  15. firecat

    firecat Larry Lange

    Yeah that is always cool when your fighting a little fish and then something swallows your fish your fighting.

  16. Hit the ohio below Markland this morning on Indiana side! Hooked up a couple of 10-15 lb flatheads, 2 small channels, saw some monster spoonbill up on top, thats about it! Drove up to the backwater at paint lick and flat tore up channel cats from 5 to 10 lbs!
  17. UFM82

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    White bass don't get that big so it's not a white bass. Stripers have unbroken lateral stripes that extend from their gill plates to their tails. This fish has obvious broken striping which is the classic sign of a hybrid. That's the easiest and most reliable way to tell the difference. Broken lines- wiper. Unbroken lines, striper.


    It's a nice wiper for certain.
  18. Anyone know if the Ohio river around Cincinnati is beginning to clear up?
  19. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Saturdays tournament results: 50 boats, 47 limits, my friend came in 3rd with a bag of about 12.5#'s w/ 5 fish. Pretty darn good if ya ask me. Hitting it tomorrow.
  20. That doesn't exactly sound like a dying river.