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Don't be count on the money yet

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by OLD CAT, Mar 29, 2005.

  1. The Steelhead King and will be using special bait, and it works on even the toughest fish. Them crappies will be jumping in the boat and we will have to be beating them back into the lake. Buckeye Ron says he will be done in an hour, and fishing for carp to cure the boredom.
    Well with our bait cqarp will come from the shallows, and thoese crappies will be jumpin in the boat to keep from being eaten by the carp and catfish.
    See ya all on the 23rd we be the ones with the tenticles :eek:
  2. Old Cat,
    :confused: To say that Buckeye Ron will be done catching the crappies in one hour and start fishing for carp is a very big mistake on your part. One Buckeye Ron doesn't fish for carp, but would go after some eyes that are located there in Delaware. The other mistake is having Steelhead King mix up your special bait. I understand that he has a hard time with anything that has a lid on it. I also know that the only way he can get a fish to come up out of the water is by using a stick of dynamite. You are right about not counting the money, with all the postings on this event, it is quite evident that "DA King" :D is going to win it all. So tell your partner he better be getting something put together for him. :eek:
    Another thing Old Cat, do you always fish with a handicap? :cool: Is that the reason you will be there with tenticles on? :p
    Buckeye Ron

  3. Buckeye Ron,

    The only handicap that I see your ability to keep up with me as I go from spot to spot catching the fish that you are dreaming of. :D
  4. Steelhead King,
    :rolleyes: How are you going to be going from spot to spot catching the fish I want to catch when you don't even know how to get there from where you live. I guess Old Cat will have to draw a map for you huh! :eek:
  5. :C Buckeye Ron,

    Now who told you about my map??? :confused: By the way, do you think that I can use my :B net, i.e., lake trout, steelhead, salmon landing net to net those big 15" crappie when we get them to the boat? What kind of bait are you going to use, :S !!!!! See you around :p
  6. Steelhead,
    You might as well use your net because with the actual size of crappie you will catch :S , will most certainly slide between the openings :rolleyes: : I know that I won't have to use dynamite to get the crappie in our boat Don't you think it's time for you to go find some real fishing equipment or are you going to have to borrow everything from Old Cat?
    Oh another thing, what is your launch number, I'll already be catching :B by the time you get to leave the dock.
    See ya in the funny paper!!!
    Buckeye Ron :D
  7. Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, but the tails I heard was that you were after carp not "eyes" . As far as I fishing with a handicap for me it is hardly noticeable, consider where I work. Just to let you know though Steelhead King and I went for a prefishing trip and saw six deer, didn't see no crappies though. Talk aboiut the luck.
    Hey having fun and hope you are to, Good Luck on April 23rd, it won't be the first time I have had my bottom kicked in a fishing match.
  8. Buckeye Ron,

    See, there is a reason for Old Cat and I launching as #10, that is to give you and your buddy the slip :eek: , that way you won't know where our honey hole is and you and your buddy will be "Speed trolling" up and down the lake looking for by boat. Now when Old Cat and I catch our 20 crappie,15"er's, and we are drifting along hooking up on walleye/saugeye :T , you can be sure that We'll wave at you as you're going by looking for a :C .

    I will get you that extra minnow net, that way you can have one in the bucket and one hanging on the side of your boat to net your :B , or as must people put it, their BAIT.

    Good Luck, Steelhead King :D
  9. Well Old Cat, I sort of understand who you been talkin to about what I fish for, but you really shouldn't listen to him because I understand that if he went to Captain D's he couldn't even get a fish there, it would be chicken :D
    The odds I am sure go up when the Steelhead King gets in your boat, I heard that you might as well not go because it's like having a two ton anchor in the boat and it's hard to manuver.
    Steelhead King,
    The reason you are number 10 is because you wouldn't come up with the $$$$ soon enough and just talkin about it!!!!!!!'
    And the only way you'll have a honey hole is if you go to Kroger and buy a jar, open it and put it in the lake :p Can you tell me what a "by boat" is?
    You can keep the net, Old Cat may have to use it to get something in the live well for "YOU ":mad: There may be 15"ers in the lake but they won't be in your boat rather mine :B
    Good luck to you and your partner, So far we are unbeaten ;)