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He Leads Me Beside Still Waters
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I have decided to do what I believe this site was designed to do. So I'm giving my detailed report of tonight's fishing.

Got to the lake at 430. Water temperature was 89 degrees. Only fished 2 shorelines tonight. I have posted pictures of those 2. Caught a total of 12 bass between myself and one other guy. They were hitting on drop shot with green Zoom worm or later tonight they started hitting on wacky rig green YUM DINGER near boat docks. On the drop shot we were in 9 ft of water casting and bringing it thru the weeds 4 of the fish were around 2 pounds. Everything else was little small. Got off the water at 9 and had a great time.

I leave you with one message....please feel free to fish these spots and the baits I said. I hope to see ya out there...FISH ON & GOD BLESS

Map Screenshot Urban design World

Map Tree Estuary

Fish Bass Fishing Recreation Muscle

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