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Doing some catfishing on the Ohio tomorrow

Discussion in 'Ohio River Fishing Reports' started by dmbfanatpsu, Mar 25, 2005.

  1. I plan on fishing the Ohio tomorrow. I see that the river is on the rise and the weather is suppose to be in the 50's and cloudy. I plan on fishing the mouth of the licking river with frozen cut skip jack, live goldfish, and live suckers. I then may venture over to the LMR at Magrish park. When the river is on the rise, will the cats move closer to the shore to feed or will they be further out into the river? Mind you, I will be fishing from shore and I'm praying I catch something, I've been getting skunked for some time now.
  2. catking

    catking Banned

    They will venture closer to shore for sure. That is an excellent are you area fishing , that's for sure. Let us all know how you do ??? GOOD LUCK !! THE CATKING !!! :)

  3. Another problem is that I have yet to purchase my Kentucky Fishing License so I'm limited to how far up the licking I can fish. Last year a Ketucky Game and Wildlife officer gave me a fine for fishing just 15 feet up the licking river from the ohio becuse I didn't have my Kentucky License, I only had an Ohio License. :mad: I went to court and fought it and won :D Maybe I'll go and get my Kentucky license tonight before I go tomarrow, but probably not! You know how that goes.
    I do have another question, how long should I wait untill I reposition my bait after casting it out? For example....10 minutes, 45 minutes, etc. Is their a general rule of thumb for that?
  4. i don't have a set rule,but 30-45mins. is enough it's hard to recast when you know there are fish around,but i've always heard there are feeding cats somewhere. GOOD LUCK i'll be on the river sat, also i hope the real catching starts now!!!