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dog shock traning collars

Discussion in 'Upland Game and Hunting Dogs' started by peon, Oct 2, 2005.

  1. peon

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    my dad rabbit hunts and just bought one.. anyone know a good place to get a pouch to carry the hand unit on his side with??? and does anyone else use these and like or dislike them???
  2. freyedknot

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    they can be a great training tool if used right. put a dummy collar on and let him wear it and get used to it b4 you start the training.there is a catalogue called night lite. do a search for coon hunting supplies ...or try

  3. peon

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    dad get nitelite... just wondering what everyone else used... was wanting to find a local store to buy some stuff at...
  4. I suggest the Lanyard around your the Holster. When going through Brush...especially thick....That transmitter can get pulled out of the holster...and you wouldn't know it...I think its a little easier with the lanyard to keep track. plus you can have it inside your vest and pull it out real quick when you need it...Just my thoughts....

  5. peon

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    what about zip tying the shock collar to the dogs other collar??? my dads buddies told him if he didnt hed lose the shock collar....
  6. As I look at my beagle's head and neck...That may be a good idea....The slick material used for the collar may slide right over their head...One problem is when you attach the two...It could get your dog Stuck somewhere if you get seperated....Might be lead to unthinkable circumstances....One must evaluate the risk and decide if the collar is worth possibly having your buddy tangled up somewhere unable to free him/herself....Maybe some hardcore Beagle FOlks can help you out with this one...I have never run beagles....
  7. peon

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    good idea but a thought.... when our dogs get in briar patches they let us know when they get stuck.. lol.. im sure if it gets stuck somewhere and cant get loose im sure the dog will bark and let ya know where it is.. but after if dont come in a half hour and you have shocked it enough time to knock it out lol....
  8. Collars can and will Malfunction....I have run my dog with both on before...his regular collar slid under the contacts on the E Collar...Well it rendered it useless for correction...If your Beagle finds a deer it likes alot....Well you know what can happen if this were to happen!!! Hey PEON, You see where the BASS Weekend Series is coming to Ohio in 2006? I will be fishing at least the 1rst one...Check out the website for the dates and lakes....

  9. peon

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    what website do i need to look at
  10. Never had a need for a shock collar. Worked with my pups when they were weaned, Alwys blew the wistle befor feeding them and then later on and gave them a treat. Did this at every feeding and for late afternoon treats.
    I was always putting Krickett and Ringtail in the truck kennel box when others were trying to catch their beagles.
    I only used and now use a shock collar to boundary train my dogs.
  11. peon

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    shortdrift thats a good idea!!

    thunderhawk .. i didnt see a location on that site?? did like the thought of more tourneys!!!
  12. PEON Heres the Schedule!!!!!

    Northeast Region:

    Ohio Valley

    Columbus, Ohio
    Alum Creek

    St. Mary's, Ohio
    Grand Lake

    Columbus, Ohio
    Alum Creek

    Sandusky, Ohio
    Lake Erie
  13. peon

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    never fished any of those places before..... and i dont know if im gonna fish from a club next year.. not sure its worth the money for membership dues...
  14. peon the shock collars r great. just bought some last year. put them on very tight so they make good contact and u won't lose them.
  15. peon

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    they are my dads and he is the one using them... he says he keeps for getting to either... screw the antenna on or turning the power on at the collor... lol :) im glad he dont use their pc... seems he's to old for new technology :D :D
  16. i hope he doesn't forget too often that could be a costly mistake if he loses a dog those collars r not cheap. he'll rememeber after a while of waiting on dogs
  17. steelmagoo

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    I will get a collar for my English Setter pup this Christmas, prolly. Guys I hunt with have Tri Tronics collars that seem to work well. The one I want will signal when the dog goes on point, sounds like a hawk to keep the bird hunkered down. I whistle-trained my dog (now 6 months old) intensively before taking her to Minnesota earlier this month and thought I would be able to hunt her a little. Once she got in the coverts with all that bird scent and other dogs around she forgot EVERYTHING! I lost her twice and she spent the rest of the hunts in the truck (I did get her out and walk her between hunts). I'll start collar training her when she's a couple months older, I think. I'll try her on release birds in open fields before then, but I'll keep a check cord on her.
  18. Hey guys, any other suggestions as to which brands of shock collars are good? I was actually looking at them today at Gander. Interested in getting one for my Lab. She's 4 month's old now and been out on pheasants and dove already and doing really well. I've been told they are invaluable training tools....also hope it might help with Dominance/agression issues she is showing to my wife. Any help/suggestions on the matter would be much appreciated. Thanks