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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by BOO, Feb 13, 2009.

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  1. BOO

    BOO HUA!!!!

    Hey all the dog was sold at one point, but come to find out it was a scam where these people call u via the phone services used by deaf people (tdy). This idiot did so and he called me and said he wanted to buy my dog for his sons birthday for 300.00 plus he would give me an additional 100.00 to hold the dog. He said he would send me a check and I would deduct the money he owed me and send the remaining amount to the shipper via WESTERN UNION. So today I received a check for 3200.00 for a dog being sold for 450.00, I immediately thought this is odd. About 5 minutes later this idiot who said his name was Vincent Brook and had Andrew Johnson on the check that I received called me and wanted me cash the check immediately and send the rest of the money to the shipper via western union, so the dog could be picked up the next day. I told this jackass that I would do it as soon as I could, not knowing what he was trying to do.
    So me and my wife had a doctors appt. today and were going to cash the check after the appt. At the doctors office I was discussing this with a nurse and she said she nows someone that had the same thing happen to them. So I contacted this guy who had this happen to him and he said the exact same thing happened to him and he was told the exact same thing as well. After I left the doctors this jackass called me. I then proceeded to tell him that he was scamming me and I wasnt going to sell the dog to him anymore. I also told him I was contacting local authorities and if anyone came to my house to get the dog, someone was probably going to get a bullet in their ass. He then cussed me out and never denied anything and hung up.
    I just want people to know what people are trying to those trying to sell any dogs and to beware of this. Its people like this in this world that make it a messed up world.
    Tell anyone and everyone about this PLEASE!!!!!!

    JEREMY :mad:
  2. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    same old scam that's been going on for years on the internet.not just with dogs.

  3. I Fish

    I Fish I am what I eat.

    The reason they use the TDY is to hide their foreign accent, if they can even speak fluent english, and make you feel sorry for them because you think they are deaf. If you cash the check it will bounce.
    I found a 2002 Gradt White on craigslist w/ a 4 stroke yamaha for $4200. I type in a search and found the exact same ad on craigslist in San Fransisco, but it had been removed because it was a scam(a hijacked sale). I emailed the lady(or guy), and she replied that she got the boat in a divorce and just wanted rid of it. She won't tell me where the boat is, just wants me to make payment arrangements through ebay. It has since been removed from Dayton/Springfield craigslist as well. I have her email, and I'm thinking about spending some time next week signing the email address up for every piece of spam I can find. What do you think?
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  4. Yanky

    Yanky shakesbeard

    i like that idea fish. make it difficult for them at least. would be better if you had a phone number to throw around to spam too but oh well
  5. turkeymikey

    turkeymikey turkeymikey

    I raise and sell Labrador puppies and I get scammers evertime I have an ad in the paper. They are quite clever and sure make it believable. I have never fell for it but I can see why someone could. Here are a couple things I have found to look out for.

    * They always use
    * They will not talk to you directly
    * They will use Operator assisted calls (hearing impaired) Which is crap.
    * They will always send Official looking documents.
    * They will ALWAYS send too much asking you to forward the balance.
    * If it seems too good to be true IT IS!!!!!

    What I do to avoid any of this.

    * If I get a contact from I reply to them that I must talk to them and I need a telephone number. Without a telephone numer they don't get the time of day. They know that you are aware of scammers and will leave you alone after you tell them this.
    * If they are really serious they can PayPal me a deposit.
    * I will not accept Operator assist calls. I am not insensitive. I actually get as high as 1 or 2 everyday. They are playing on your sympathy.
    * I will not deal with anyone that cannot give me a telephone number or will not PayPal me. Period!!!

    As far as calling the FBI...stand in line. They are totally swamped with this stuff and you might as well save your breath as there is nothing they can do. Or will they do. You are pretty much on your own.

    I may seem harsh on some of this but, I have never been scammed.
  6. I just got notified by mail that I won a million euros in a Spanish sweepstakes and they want lotsa account numbers and information. The sad part is these low life scum from around the world eventually find some unknowing person to feed off of, like your 85 year old grandmother. I'll turn this one in to the post office as I'm not sure what else I can do.
  7. BOO

    BOO HUA!!!!

    If anyone is interested the dog is still for sale so send me PM and we can talk. The price is 250.00 for the dog and 50.00 extra for the kennel.


  8. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    please keep advertising restricted to market place.
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