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    So I'm in the market for a dog. However, I have a few concerns. My wife is very allergic and the dogs I've seen that produce low dander are either too expensive or not my style. (poodle, bichon frise, etc.) We once had a Jack Russell terrier but that only lasted a week because by the end of that week, my wife could barely breathe. I looked up something about a labradoodle, a lab/poodle mix and it's a toss up as to wheter or not they'll produce low dander. Meaning that half the litter will produce lots and the other half not so much. The only dog I had that my wife didn't have a problem with is a pit bull. I would love another pit bull, but they don't allow them where I live. It seems I've looked at every angle and it seems the only way I can have a dog and not pay a whole lot, is to put the wife on medication. Just wondering if anyone might have any input as I'd like to find a way to have a dog without doping my wife up.
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    Here is a vast list of dogs considered to be hypoallergenic. Hope this helps :)

    If it were up to me, being a "average" or "large" breed lover I'de probably check into the whippet or greyhound. Obviously you talking about a high energy breed but they do make great family pets.

    Edit: Look through the breeds, there are some good looking animals in there, although some of them are breeds that I've personally never heard of which means two things. 1. Going to be hard to find one, and two it's going to be expensive!

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    Buy a bird!!

    I have Asthma, and grew up in a house with 2 cats and 2 dogs....Thought my parents were trying to kill me. It is no fun, not being able to breathe, and is not fair to be on any un-necessary meds.

    Sorry...just trying to "shed" some of my own experiences.

  4. Get rid of the wife and you can get whatever dog you want...LOL!
    No help here...I have allergies twards cats...we have 2 dogs instead. They don't seem to bother me. Good luck to ya!
  5. Get an outside dog,y torture your wife ?
  6. I have had dogs my hole life and would be bummed out not to have one but i would be worthless without my wife. If the wife is miserable the household is or will be shortly.
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    My in-laws have a labradoodle and it does not shed. Don't know if that means it won't bother her. I am allergic to cats, so we have dogs.

    Wife on meds, hmmmm. I think I've mentioned that to her a couple times!:)
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    Red has a chocolate lab. I am allergic to every darn dog except a lab. The dog sheds (they all do regardless of species). Labs are oily. Thats what stops the dander. I get around any other breed of dog and within a few hours I gotta go. And remove clothes and hit the shower. Eyes burning and itching. Start wheezing. Flu like symtoms. Never with the lab. Ours is about 125 lbs. And she sheds. Never see any dander. Maybe visit a friends house that has a lab with your wife and see how shes does after a few hours. We,ve never ever had one person tell us our lab caused an allergy problem from visiters that are allergic to dogs. Only problem we ever had with Maggie is the first two years she tried to eat the house! And boy do they chew!!! I used to saw up a Louisville slugger into thirds and let her chew a piece of bat every day. LOL I think a Lab is part goat for the first two years. Then they calm down and just act silly for ever! Ours is twelve. Still silly as ever. Oh yeah, THEY SNORE!! lol zfish has two Labs! Double silliness! :) Raider
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    Thanks a lot guys. I'm taking all your info into consideration.
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    Already own a rescue greyhound. Best dog ever. No shedding, quiet, lazy as all get out, but loves to go for walks. If you don't have another dog, adopt 2. They are better in pairs. Cost me about $150 for adoption which includes all papers, shots, spading, and chips. Another $30 to the American Greyhound Association will transfer registration from the owner to you. Dogs are great with kids, other animals, and are very affectionate. They literally fall in love with you. (Sounds weird, but you know what I mean.)
  11. my daughter is allergic as well. Did some reading and ended up with a Shi-tzu. Not a "manly" dog by any means, but I wouldn't trade him! She can put him right up to her face with no problem. I find more hair in the sink every day than that dog sheds! My mom held him on her black slacks one day for a long while and he didn't leave a hair.
  12. Hey I just got a rescue dog. Love Him.
    Poodle Mix. Hes a real lover and no lost hairs or dander.
    Here is a link I used and found very informative.

    Capt Hook