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Dog Boarding/Kennel ?'s

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by CoolWater, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. CoolWater

    CoolWater Multi-Species Fanatic

    My week long annual fishing vacation at the end of July is now in jeopardy because the 'dog' sitter backed out. It looks like my only option will be using a kennel for the week. My dog is completely spoiled and lives for attention and human contact. I feel like it's almost cruel to abandon her for the week... am I just being a 'nancy boy'? Any of you have spoiled 'house dogs' that you've had to use a kennel and it was fine? I think there's one in Oak Harbor, anyone use them before?
  2. sauguy

    sauguy river & muskie angler, dayhiker

    you are not being a nancy boy. we took a trip to yellowstone and left our spoiled dog at a kennel with a good reputation. dog weighed 26 pounds when we left her, when we picked her up she was less than 20 pounds. would not eat, and had the runs with what she did eat. she was not a kennel dog. some just can't handle being away from home.

  3. That's the way my dog is. She is very spoiled. We've taken her to the kennel a couple times. We've felt bad everytime we have done it but sometimes there's just not someone to watch her. We take our dog to her vet for boarding. She knows the people there so it's a little easier on her. They call her a "pillow princess" because she wouldn't sleep without her blanket. It's kind of funny because we (my wife and I) call her our kid and some of the things she does reminds me of a kid. If you're worried about your dog eating take some of your food with them. A lot of those places get donated food so they feed them what ever is available. We always send food with our dog unless she's only going to be there for a day or two.
  4. our dog came from the marrion corectional facility. we can board him there when we are out of town. he loves it. the inmates have nothing to do but fuss over the dog. they bathe him, cut his toe nails , brush his teeth, even treat him for for his sensitive skin condition. he's even more spoiled when he gets home.
  5. Juls

    Juls Charter Captain

    Hey NancyBoy...heheh j/k

    Our dogs are just as spoiled as your girl is, so I know whay you're feeling. But, believe me when I say this, you are going to suffer the separation much more than she is!

    When we have been forced to leave our dogs in a kennel, we have used 'Pet Haven' in Oak Harbor. Is that the one you're referring to?
    It's right next door to our vet (Oak Harbor Vetrinarian Clinic). They have a very nice facility there. It's clean and they're very friendly.
    The dogs will be played with several times a day, let out to use the yard, and fed in a timely manner.

    Go check it out...they will give you a tour if that will ease your mind.

    They are very affordable too.

    p.s. They do require that ALL shots are up to date (proof) before they let your dog stay there though.
  6. I know that someone else watches Boston Legal now besides me.

    Anyway here's a pic of my controller. I call him my, "controller" because I wonder if our pets don't control us rather than visa versa. We love them so much and when they hurt, we hurt more. It is amazing huh? I love my dog just as much as I love my daughter. He is extremely loyal and will do whatever I ask him to do. He will think about somethings B-4 he does them, but he will do them. Without question. Will your kids do that? NO!!!

    They will also give you, UNQUESTIONABLE LOVE.


    Here's my Brittney, Cody with Sophie our Beagle that we rescued from Franklin County Dog Day.:)
  7. Doctor

    Doctor CJ Cat Attack Pack

    Every time we go to a tournament we leave our "boys" at the kennel, they can't wait to get in the door, they know what to do when they get there and where to go, we refer to it as the Hyatt, as soon as they hear "are you ready to go to the Hyatt" they are at the front door, we supply there food for the weekend, and they are taken great care of and we don't have to worry about them, just good piece of mind for us, it is run by our vet,so if the dogs get sick they can be taken care of...............Doc
  8. Cool Water, Some good responses above. If your dog has a quesy stomach then take enough food for her while your gone. Maybe a couple of extra days worth. I managed a boarding kennel for a vet for a couple of years. I had dogs that stayed there frequently and some that would only come once in a while. A bulldog that was blind, would run into things trying to get to me when he heard my voice. Another couple of spaniels would get real excited when the car turned onto the street, and drag their owners to the door. We had outside runs and inside kennels. So all of the dogs got attention two or more times a day. Doc sold the business so I had to give up my apartment and lost my job. Lived above the kennel, so was there most of the time. I have three dogs now and have left 2 of them a couple of times. Some kennels I will go back to and others I won't. See if they will let you tour the kennel before you leave your girl. Look for cleanliness and how the people react with the animals that are there. If they don't call them by name and pay some attention to them in front of you they will not pay attention to them once you are gone. Also if the have portable cages stacked on top of one another. They are going beyond there capacity and capability. Most kennels are good. They have to be to keep the repeat business and that is what counts the most. The person that leaves their dog/cat whatever just once won't send someone else in. The people that leave their animal every time they go away will tell other pet owners where they go. Good luck and have some fun. Your little girl will do alright.