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    I didn't want to hijack the other thread about the beagles running the deer. I used to have a couch potato beagle named Sparky. Her biggest contribution to hunting over the years had been eating fresh rabbit guts and hurling on my mom's shoes on Thanksgiving Day and rolling in fresh deer trail mix at every opportunity. Somewhere in about the '02/'03 time frame she earned her beagle stripes though.

    My brother in law and I had been bowhunting in Noble county one weekend morning at a place we owned together near Belle Valley. I came back to the house around 11 a.m. and he wasn't back yet so I figured he had gotten something. Sure enough, he had hit an 8 point and we tracked it for a good distance before losing the trail I went back to the house to get kids to help with the search but as I rode 4 wheeler down the hill my x and my sister in law were coming up with Sparky - out for a walk. The conversation went like this:
    x: did mark get a deer?
    me: he hit one but we haven't found it yet
    x: sparky knows where it is! she found a big pool of blood and was going nuts back there!
    me: get her back there and get on the trail!

    So off go the x, the sister in law and the dog to track the deer while I go retrieve my brother in law. Sure enough, Sparky the wonder beagle found the buck lying in a ditch next to the road the cabin was on - after she dragged my x up one hill and down another and through two multi-flora rose thickets.... :D Sparky the wonder beagle was a hero for a day and even got a hamburger off the grill and her photo with the deer.