Does this sound like a scam....

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  1. I am trying to rent out a house in cleveland and this is one of the E-mails I got. It just sounds a little weird so I thought I would ask for others opinion.

    I saw your advert for the vacant apartment. i am interested in
    renting the apartment.I will be signing a one year lease for it and i
    will like to know your mode of payment andthe modalities for the
    rental and would love to know if the unit is still available for lease
    very soon..I will be doing a one year contract while in the states
    with United States Protection Agency department and I will also like
    to know if the apartment would be conducive for a family cos we would
    be coming in from United kingdom, and please do give me details of
    the environment with move in cost and the neighborhood where
    theapartment is located to know if it would fit in for me and my
    family cos I would love to know what the neighborhood looks like.I
    will appreciate it if i hear from you in time as i will want to
    conclude therental process end of this month .. I will await for a
    quick response to my enquiry via email or through my cell phone
    Thank you and God bless
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    Yes it is. They post like information all the time. You see lots of that when you list a big ticket item like a boat, or car. Just ignore it.

  3. can someone elaborate on the way they turn this into a scam?
  4. Carpn


    Reply to it and tell them to contact send there contact information so they can discuss the contract with your lawyer. I would think if they were scamming you they'd dissappear at the mention of a lawyer.
  5. My buddy got hit by this scam last fall. They will state that they will send you a cashier's check, WHICH WILL BE FAKE. They will then state that they are sending you more than the rent and request that you send them back the rest so they have some "starting" US currency when they arrive into the country.


    The cashier's check or money order, whatever it was, looked real. Before my buddy cashed it, he asked the bank teller if they could check it out to make sure that it was a legit check. They stated it was so he cashed it. Several days later he gets a call from his bank stating that they wanted their money becuase the check was a very well designed fake check.

    They got his contact information from I believe Yahoo! where he was trying to find a person to finish his lease at the apartment he was in.
  6. hmmmm, it was not in ALL CAPS, must be the nigerians are now getting smarter
  7. The fact you had to ask is what scares me. :directs you to bigfoot post:
  8. LOL!!! :D :D