Does the Maumee River hold any decent populations of yellow perch?

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  1. Im just wondering if there is a catchable population in certain places that would make it a destination to go strictly after perch. I know the lake is the best but I am remembering when I lived in Georgia, the chattahoochee river has some sections that were very good for the yellow perch, especially in the spring when they sought out weedy flats to spawn.
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    none that I am aware of.

  3. yes the maume holds all fish if its in lake eire its in the river just finding them is the trik so ive ben told:G
  4. I don't believe I have ever seen one caught. There are quite a few white perch toward the end of the walleye run but no yellows. I would say there are far better places to target perch than the Maumee.
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    For whatever reason I've caught Yellow Perch in the Sandusky River but never the Maumee... as you said, the lake would be your best bet. Our area reservoirs would be your second best bet to target Yellow Perch outside of the big pond...
  6. yes the river hold some its just u have to be there when they are.... try shore line flats with deeper water near by in the late summer from the new 280 bridge to the lake. the back of point place being the best..... just check every now and then with the old timers at cullins park they will tell u when its time....
  7. Im not happy with the local reservoirs for perch, I have caught a few small ones now and then but apparently the "good old days" where you could fish a reservoir specifically for perch and do very well are long gone. Lake erie is the best place but not always practical either for the cost of a charter or the time trying to locate and catch them in such a large body of water. Its a pitty there isnt some better inland fishing for them somewhere.
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    Try some of the piers when the ice/water clears. The only cost you will have is gas for the car to and from and a few dozen shiners (assuming you already have the tackle). Some huge perch can be had from the piers ;)
  9. My wife's uncle buys books of tickets for one of the head boats on Lake Erie. The tickets are discounted in price because of quantity bought. He strictly fishes perch. They have 2 for 1 deals as well.
  10. Metzgers marsh....marsh side. Carolina rigged shiner (w/ very light weight) around mid October. Not fast action but you'll get some real pigs.
  11. Is this something you need a boat for ?
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    No, two legs will get you where you need to go !:D
  13. Just walk out along the dike and cast out. you don't need to go way down the dike either, just clear the real shallow area near the parking lot. Watch out for duckhunters.
  14. Shouldn't be any of those in March....;)
  15. Whoops, my bad. I meant mid October, NOT march. Sorry about the confusion.