Does Braided line freez ?

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  1. Have heard both good and bad about using braided line for ice fishing, some guys say it freezes, and some say it dont. Me i have never tried it. Tell me what you think of it. THANKS
  2. it does tend to stiffen up a bit if your not in a shanty. I think the newer the line the less it holds water. I think that a thinner braid also holds less water.
    Fireline is more slick and wirey, so its probably better than a braid like powerpro which is more like sewing thread and would hold more water. I use black or gray fireline in the 10-15lb range on small baitcasters and sometimes on spinning rods and have not had trouble. I would never sacrifice the feel and hooksetting abilities. Of course you need to use a florcarbon leader tied beneath a swivel.

  3. The reason that i asked this question, is that i bought some Fireline this summer to try on deep water panfish. Bought 2 types of fireline, Fireline Crystal in 6 lb. and to me it is like wire, holds to much memory, even with a 1/8 oz. sinker tied to it, in 25 ft. of water.

    And the second box was Fireline Original fused in 4 lb. which i like better then the Crystal, in that it lays straight with less memory and yes it does produce a lot of feel.

    Was thinking about using the 4lb. for some panfish thru the ice, but was concerned with stiffness, even in my Fish Trap.

    Does anyone use braid for panfish in the winter ? THANKS
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    Go lighter, why are using 6 lb. for panfish ? I used the 2 lb. Fireline Crystal last year in deeper water (25+ fow) in some area reservoirs with Tungsten jigs and it performed great ! Pulled a 6 lb catfish through the ice with it and it held fine (a good drag didn't hurt either):)
  5. fireline makes a line for ice fishing... its called fireline ice. i used it last year for saugeye fishing at indian thru the ice.
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    BuckeyeMike.....check back on earlier thread in this forum .......has a poll, titled what size line.....dated 11/10 by peon.....has several references to what you are looking for in ice fishing line.......Jon Sr.
  7. Mr. Phish is right about the previous thread. I use fireline micro ice and absolutly love it. I mainly fish for eyes out on Erie, so i use the 6# then use a flouro leader for all inland lakes. I don't have a shelter so I am in the elements and never had a problem with the line freezing. It will get a little stiff after awhile but its never been a problem. I like the black due to it is easier to see but thats just me. Can't wait for ice!! Good luck to everyone this year!!
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  8. Well 1 reason that i bought the 6 lb. was because Wal-mart didn't have anything smaller, and it wasn't until i paid a visit to the bass pro at IL, did i find the 4, and if i get back down there again soon i will look to see if they have any 2 lb. crystal.

    Hey Jon Sr.- will check it out.
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    Use both regular fireline smoke in 8# and powerpro in lighter tests, no problems.