Does Anyone Use An Electric Winch?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by H2O Mellon, Aug 24, 2008.

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    I changed winches last year and ever since have been snapping bolts. When the bolts snaps it makes pulling tht boat up almost impossible. I thought my winch was rated for 2200 #'s but yesterday I realized it was 1200 #'s. Whoops! No wonder why I've been breaking bolts. Well I decided to go to Gander Mtn and buy an electric winch w/ wireless remote control. I thought it was $149 but it was really $249. I dont mind going $100-150 but not more. I could buy a generic one @ Harbor Freight w/ remote control for $72, but trust me when I say it looks very generic. I didnt want to rely on it.

    So does anyone have input on these? Do you use them, if so what are your opinons & remarks.

  2. I had one on my trailer it was nothing but trouble ,It came with the trailer,,I don't know what make it was but a lot on electrical problems with it ..someone did me a favor and stolid it off the trailer ,,if you put one on you might want to tack weld the nuts on ,nothing worse than to be out of state a 6 pm on a Sunday night with no winch ,,I was able to use one off another guys trailer to get it loaded

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    I've got one and love it. It's a Power Winch. My boat goes around 4000#.
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    i had one on my trailer when i got my boat and it was the 1st thing i removed.i can drive my boat onto the trailer then finish it up with a few cranks on the winch handle.
    the electric winch was just too much hassle for me.
  5. here is a idea you need to go to tractor supply and get a snatch block it is a pully witha hook on it . you put your cable threw the pully and hook your cable back to the winch somewere then take the hook of the snatch block and put it to your boat it will double your power of your winch and not put as much strain on it and if you can put a higher grade boly in i dont know what bolt is breaking so this may not bo s good idea if the bolt doesnt break what is going to break in its place also watch craigslist or ebay for a used atv winch
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    I have a winch that came with the trailer I bought. The guy used it for a 18 deep-v fiberglass monster. My boat is a 14' long 6' wide jon. The first time we loaded my boat on it, we just hooked it up to the boat laying in the yard. Pulled it across the yard and up and on the trailer no problem. lol Just the other day we launched at a new spot on the scioto. Without the winch we would have never got it up and on the trailer. So far we love using it. Has a remote but have not needed to use it yet. Good luck.
  7. I had an "Eclectic Wench" once! LOL :)
  8. 2nd wife was an eccentric wench.....didnt work out so well