Does anyone turn there skies in?

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  1. I found this info on the dnr's site and would like to know if any of you turn your muskies in? What membership do you get into? Husky club? thanks

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  3. I register every fish on the MAL but don't bother with any of the other stuff. Nothing wrong with it though. It's very important to register them for the DNR though.
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    I've registered every musky I've caught for several years. Used to do the scale sample thing and now register every single one (no matter how small and embarassing) on the Muskie Angler Log.
  5. I'm glad they got rid of the whole scale sample thing. I'm sure that accounted for a lot of mis-handled fish over the years! Now maybe they could remove the signs from the ramps on our muskie lakes! Angler log is so much better for the fish!:)
  6. Thanks for the replies.... I will be using this Log now as I understand it is important. Wish I would of known about it sooner. Maybe we could get a LOG link sticky thread in this section???
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    All of the scale sample signs should have been removed and replaced with M.A.L. signs early last year if you see any still up let the ODNR know about it and post it on the Ohio Husky Musky Club site someone there should be able to get it replaced
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    Great idea!!!
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    heck ya. log em all in...this is what makes our muskie program.....GO!
  10. Also, as Elmer stated at the Ohio Musky Show yesterday, it's very important for you to log the small fish and trips when you take the skunk as well. I do this and write lots of notes so it makes a great reference log for the following years.
  11. Everybody should do this if you don't, its real easy. This should be checked on the top of the forum list so it cannot drop down. It would encourage people to register and always be easily available at the top. Can someone get this done?? Whats up Steve, sorry we didnt meet up at WB, my crew bailed on me.