Does anyone know of a Paylake, in Lewisburg... Off of St Rt. 503??

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by krystalp, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. krystalp

    krystalp ~Loven It!~

    I just moved out here to Lewisburg, and were wanting to go fishing, but not wanting to go very far..

    I have heard about it, just not sure of the name, my sis used to go, but i never been, and do not know anything about it....

    I normally go to rainbow...(love the new owners) But its too far to go today.

    Any help is better then none!!


  2. BiteMyLine

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    Hit up Twin Creek. Take rebel wee crawls, rapala, 1/8oz rooster tails (black, white, rainbow) AND THATS ALL YOU NEED. Good smallie fishing and some excellent rock bass and gills. And yes there is a paylake just south of Lewisburg. Take 503 south to Pyrmont and hang a right(west) and you can't miss it. Right beside the road about 1.5 miles off 503, right hand side of the road.

  3. krystalp

    krystalp ~Loven It!~

    Yes. Pyrmont....Thats the road i was thinking of... but couldnt think of the name of it...

    Was, poss. thinking of going to Twin Creek as well.. just wasnt sure how the waters was today, as i have a 7 year old daughter that will be going with me as well....

    And also thought about going to Crystal lake. in Eaton, That sits right behind Beech Street, i used to live right off of there, but wasnt sure how they are hitting right now.

    I know they used to have some really nice Cat's, Carp, Trout, Gills, and some nice Bass as well... but thats been 5 or 6 years...

    But thanks for the help.

    :B :p Krystal:p :B