Does anyone beside me use VB Scripting ?

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  1. Zfish

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    I use Visual Basic and make scripts for work to run mass updates. Just curious if anyone else uses this ? The program Im currently using is called "Rumba" but is also known as 5250 or 3270 (although that is mostly macros)

    Also does anyone use "Viewpoint" or Microsoft Sharepoint besides me ?
  2. I use ms sharepoint, its actually becoming a hot career on the job boards if you can administer it.

  3. Zfish

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    I know I've actually been contacted by several companies off of Monster since I never took my Resume off of there because I have Sharepoint listed as something that I do.
  4. Rumba!!! There is a name from the past. I believe they started as an AS400 specific development tool 15 years or so back. I have not had any dealings with it since then but I know out programmers used it to code a lot of RPG programs. It had a visual flowchart development tool the did intelligent coding which was really leading edge for its time.
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    I used to use Rumba for terminal emulation for 400s and mainframe - "back in the day".

    I have a internal Sharepoint site at work - I had no idea that skill would be that marketable!! :D. I feel like my hands are tied behind my back with Sharepoint - I keep asking for a Linux box with Apache for my internal site - I keep being told no - lol.
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    Hey Sporty,

    Long time no see. Sharepoint 2007 is pretty nice. We don't have it implimented at work we're still on 2003 but the features are a lot nicer. I will say you can do a whole lot with Sharepoint but the flow of things don't always make since to me. Instead of getting 100's of emails a day I used it to create a ticketing system which works great. That in itself is worth it saving my email folder LOL. Oh and Yes I'm using Rumba for the AS400 lol
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    Ours says "SharePoint Services 2.0" copyrighted in 2003.

    We should be on 2007 by 2020 :D.

    My site is primarily for publication of data I generate and keeps me from sending 100's of emails.