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Does anybody know an archaeologist in Akron/Summit area?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by esox, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. I don't have a cam or I'd post a pic. I have a rock that was dug from a stream bed maybe 50 years ago. It's conch shaped with some very precise/symetrical and deep cuts, yet there are no cut marks. It weighs close to 50 lbs and the rock is the same color, grey/black, and very hard.
  2. There is a large historical preservation firm out of cincy but also has offices all over the state called BHE I believe. Davey in Kent also most likely has a staff archaeologist. U of Akron also has a small department. That is probably your best bet, most consultants don't want to be bothered with pro bono work.

  3. I Knoe One..will Chk On It/////
  4. johnboy111711

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  5. I called U of A and got no response.
  6. johnboy111711

    johnboy111711 SOLID MEAT

    tonight?, they may close around 4ish
  7. I called a couple of years ago more than once during regular buisiness hours and left my number. They never returned the call.
  8. I can help...2 degrees in anthropology...from your description it sounds like a pestle but I'd have to see it or a pic to make sure. given the weight it doesn't sound like one that was used daily by a single person.
  9. Thanks MA, but it's not a pestle. The largest and deepest cut is towards one end and circumscribes the rock except for the bottom. The rock is also bisected from end to end as well as around the middle with a shallow cut, almost as if it were scribed in prep for a deeper cut.
    It appears kinda like some sort of anchoring device. One person said it was an indian pony hobble. I've since heard that indians hobbled their ponies by tying their knees together which makes more sense although I suppose a horse could chew through a rope or vine if it wanted to bad enough. I don't believe an indian would cart this thing around as it's so heavy. The cuts made would be unnecessary for tying a rope around. I might add, that I don't think the indians had the tech for making such smooth, precise, symetrical cuts in so hard an object with no cut marks, or even with cut marks. I think it may be a part of a larger object, like an idol/statue or something.
    Are you from the Akron/ Summit area? Maybe we could meet and I'll show it to you. If so, pm me with a date, time, and address.
  10. esox..yes i'm in the area...all the description in the world isn't as good as seeing'm in the middle of moving but would love to look at it. if I forget be sure and send me a pm.
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    We have a world renown anthropologist at Kent State. He is more known for human remains.

    Dr. Owen Lovejoy
    [size=-1]Department of Anthropology [/size]
    [size=-1]Kent State University[/size]
    [size=-1]230 Lowry Hall[/size]
    [size=-1]Kent, OH, 44242, [/size]
    [size=-1]United States[/size][size=-1]Telephone:[/size][size=-1]+1 (330) 672-4748[/size]
    [size=-1]Fax Number:[/size][size=-1]+1 (330) 672-2999[/size]
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  12. yes - I studied under him. He is a specialist in human evolution not archaeology. I am not an archeologist either but plenty of background and I know several incl. all at KSU. Lovejoy is a helluva pool player too!
  13. Cat Mazter

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    I have several Specimans of Rock, Shale, Stone, Slate, Clay, Granite & Flint that I need someone to look at. I also have some Fossils that need Identified. Im willing to Pay to have some of these Dated & Identified, But I need someone who really knows their stuff , I have some Really odd Stuff & would like to know what I have got.

    I do have a 8lb. Polished Black Granite Full Groove axe Head. Here it is with some of my Other Axe Heads & Hand Knifes. Ill put more of what i got in there to tonite.

    Cat Mazter
  14. One of my best friend's is an expert on Ohio chert and other aspects of Ohio geology/archaeology. Those are some nice looking pieces - of course from an archaeological point of view any trade or sale of said items is unethical. The real info lies in what was around them where they were found. He could tell you alot about the likely makers/ time period, etc. I take it you are in SE Ohio.
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    WOW Cat Mazter, I have the exact same ax head made out of what looks like the same type of rock?
    I found alot of my collection when I was very young and wish I would have used this logic at the time. I was usually to excited and just keep on searching with out spending too much time in one area. :(
  16. Smallie Gene

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    OSEX, figure out a way to get a picture of it and we can have it identified in no time. I don't have a degree but know people who do but they ain't local. In the meantime, I am willing to pay $50 for the piece you are talking about.

    Same goes for you CatMazter, in particular, your fossils, if from Ohio can be easily identified and dated if you posted pictures. There is a book out called Fossils of Ohio put out by ODNR - Geo Survey group. Its about 600 pages. You could also just show up at the survey in Columbus with your stuff and make them identify them for you for free, do not pay to have them indentified. State libraries should have this publication as well.
  17. Cat Mazter

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    Thank you all on the Comments I have got. I have collected them since I was a Kid & Still do to this date. I would never think of Sellling or trading any of my Items. These are very precious to me, All of them. I have some stuff that I have never saw before & no one can tell me what they are.
    Ill have to get more Pics taken so I can show you what Im talking about. Thanks for the Info too.
    Cat Mazter

    BTW- I found the Axe heads & Clay on My Uncle's Property in Suger Grove, Just below Lancaster. Some were found in Hocking Co. as well & some from all over Ohio. I have some Shale that I know is over 3 Million years old, It came from the Warm Sea that Covered Ohio millions of years ago.
  18. Thanks anyways Gene, but it's unlikely you could afford it as $10,000.00 is the least I would consider, which is the same as saying that I'm not looking to sell it.
    If your serious about buying, it would take some serious cash money.
  19. Ruminator

    Ruminator TeamOGF

    This was a good thread. Any developments? I, for one am curious about it.

    - Rumi
  20. Ruminator, maybe someday I'll be able to find somebody who knows and can identify. Notice the pics of the tomahawk heads that were posted, they are all either chipped or ground, the item I have was cut. Somebody went to a whole lot of trouble to do so as the rock is very hard. Believe me, I'm real curious to know what it is, and just as importantly, how it was cut.
    You more than likely have seen on tv the ancient Andean sites in Central/South America where the stones were cut precisely and nobody knows for sure how they managed to cut the stones with ancient tech. Basically, I just wanted to find out if I had something similar-and east of the Mississippi at that. I'm certainly no expert, but as far as I can tell, no indian tribes in this neck of the woods had the tech to cut rock, all were either chipped or ground.