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Does anybody else think Troy should start

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by chaunc, Dec 17, 2007.

  1. chaunc

    chaunc Staff Member

    Do you think Billick and the ravens will give him a fair chance to play for them? I hear all the bull about him being to short but he can play with the best of them if given a chance. What do you think?
  2. From the few highlights I seen today on Sportcenter he didnt look bad, dont know what his exact stats were, with McNair out and who know how bad Boller is he might not have a choice...and at this point in the Ravens season what would it hurt.

  3. I didn't see the game but I think that his numbers were not all that bad in comparison to his predecessors. He was 8/16 82yards 0 TD's/0 Ints for a rating of 65.1. Yeah that is not a great rating but for his first game he was not much behind Boller and McNair. (ratings of 73.9 and 75.4) What do the Ravens have to lose? I say give him a shot. They may be glad they did. They know what they have in Boller and it really ain't much as far as future starters.
  4. Physical attributes are overrated. Just ask Drew Brees.

    Boller is an athletic freak at the position, but he plays scared.

    They ought to give the kid a legitimate shot these last two full games and see what he's got. With the exception of the Florida bowl game, he always played big in big games.
  5. I don't follow the "athletic freak" part of Boller's game.:confused: His size is respectable but not huge. He is not a threat with his feet really either. And his career numbers are mediocre (71.9 career rating). I am not saying that Troy is clearly better than Boller but until Troy gets a couple of games to perform they will never know the answer.
  6. This whole situation seems sort of familiar to browns fans. Just like Belichick with the Browns, seems like Billick wants out of his position. It's almost like he's throwing the games now. One would think that being beaten by the worst team in the league would be enough to be escorted out. He had some bad breaks (last browns game, FG) but also has a team that is greatly underachieving.

    If a different QB fixes the situation over that last few games, it might screw up his opportunity for leaving for a better gig elsewhere (... see Bellichick).

    I would start Troy, but I also wouldn't have pulled Bernie in his prime.
  7. I see a huge difference between pulling Bernie in his prime and sitting a 5th year mediocre QB (Boller) who has not proven himself to be anything special yet.
  8. Yes, but also similar from the perspective of the head coach. Pulling Bernie and not sitting Boller both go against logical thinking, and could add to a cause for being let go. Miami would have been the perfect situation for starting Troy. Billick's days should be numbered in Baltimore.
  9. The big rage on draft day when Baltimore moved into the first round to get him was he was the best scrambler in the draft and I think I heard about 50 times how he could throw the ball through the goal post from his knees at the 50 yard line. Rare arm strength and rare speed at the positon.
  10. chaunc

    chaunc Staff Member

    Goal posts dont run patterns. He could probably throw thru them all day but he just cant get his timing together on a moving receiver. Troy has played with some of the better rookies(this years class) and his timing with them got him a MAJOR award. I say give him the reps in practice and let him get his timing down with the ravens receivers and see what you got. I just dont beleive he's one of those trophy winners that wont pan out in the pros. I know he can play the game. The league didn't beleive in Warren Moon either but look where he ended. HOF.
  11. Agreed 100%.

    Boller is definitely not the answer. Give the kid a chance for the next 2 games and maybe that's not long enough. Give him next years training camp and let him start the season.

    He's definitely a playmaker and seemed to be a great leader at OSU.
  12. Troy's leadership ability is something that is hard to judge until you give it a try. There was no question that he was the leader on the Bucks team.
  13. Rumor has it that Baltimore is targeting Andre Woodson in the draft...this is contingent on what they see in Troy Smith. They have no reason to not let him finish the season at this point to get a real good grasp on what he can or cannot do...what's the worst that they can do, lose and move up the draft board?
  14. chaunc

    chaunc Staff Member

    Well, how do you think he did sunday? I can't remember his stats exactly, but i don't think they were bad. He'll get a real test for a young guy next weeks game. The steelers are coming to town.:D
  15. Whaler

    Whaler Whaler

    He should do fine.
  16. He was 16/33 199 (1 TD/0 Ints) which does not look bad. However, he fumbled the ball twice which does not show up in his QB stats other than the fact that he only scored 6 points. I didn't watch any of the game so I can't provide any better insight on it than that. Baltimore is just a bad team right now and winning a game as QB for them is no easy task for anyone.
  17. chaunc

    chaunc Staff Member

    Man, he's looking like an all-pro against the steelers. Those birds better hold on to him. He may be there QB of the future.
  18. They should keep Troy as a backup, but he is not the long term answer.

    He looked pretty good against my team, Pittsburgh. His height did not seem to be a problem. McNair cannot be a starter for much more, he is really wearing. Boller is a good backup, but he doesn't have consistent starting capability.

    The Ravens should draft Brian Brohm in the draft, or Matt Ryan is he is still avaliable as a long-term QB.