doe/coytote down last night

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by littleking, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. littleking

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    mushijobi shot a nice coyote with his bow last night while we were out deer hunting, heck of a shot!

    saw 3 as soon as i sat down, semi came by and spooked em off...

    poopy time, time to go get poopy paper!

    jumped 4 does and 2 bucks on the way to the truck... did my bidness and came back. walked out to where those deer were bedding and started grunting, bleating... both primos calls. doe popped up and started walking right towards me! she stopped, i shot... thought i missed.

    found the arrow, saw some blood... ran in to a trespasser who saw where she bedded down. after jumping here 2-3 times we finally harvested her... here it was a good 40yd+ shot that went through her shoulder and gutted her...

    thanks again kyle!
  2. lg_mouth

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    Good job on the pest control and the doe control. Also congrats on following up your shot, many would have just assumed they missed and never checked.

    Went out last night and saw nothing. The wind was gusting and swirling pretty bad. It was a heck of a nice evening to be out though. Thank God Fall has finally arrived!


  3. Mushijobah

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    Here are some pics of the yote! (And the doe I shot from the same place a few days prior)

  4. Mushijobah

    Mushijobah Urban Angler

    Oh, and for the count. 2 Does, 1 Coyote....all 2.5 miles from my parents house in Bexley! Gotta love urban hunting!
  5. Congrats guys! BTW...What ever happened with the trespasser?