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Dodge Mechanic Help Needed PLease

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by olwhitee, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. I just bought a 2002 dodge durango. I have had it for about a month and recently I have noticed that after sitting overnight, when I start it up it sounds like the lifters are knocking. It fades out after 10-15 seconds and it does not come back until the car has sat for a while.

    I took it into the dealership because it is still under warranty, left it all night, and they said they did not hear anything wrong. When I picked it up, of course it made the same ticking noise when started up, but the service center was closed.

    Any ideas of what this could be coming from? Short of leaving the truck overnight again and driving there in the morning to start it with them I am not sure what to do. I did look into the possibility of having the hollow lifters that drain after sitting for a while and need to run a bit to get refilled, but the service center said this truck does not have them. I am lost.

    I do not understand why they did not hear it, unless I am dealing with a case of selective hearing caused by the 100%labor and parts warranty if ya know what I mean.
  2. your last words are so true,when it comes to service from alot of dealers , I have a 2005 ford F150.I had a motor noise THEY SAY is normal. I make them give me a work order evrytime I talk to them .SO when it blows I have proof its been reported .for your problem .I:D change to a synthic oil see if it helps . it did mine ,but if you listen close its still there . try mobil I .my truck has 17k on it.

  3. Definately keep taking it's worth it. The rear end kept shuddering in my truck (2003 F-150 SuperCrew) and OF COURSE when "they" had it, it "never" did it..........until I took the mechanic out for a test drive - just around the parking lot, mind you! I got it to shudder so bad, he was like "OH!" Needless to say it needed a new clutch in the rear end - it was out of warranty by then, but since I had it in about 3 times before for the same reason - they fixed it for free.

    My words of advice - as long as it's under warranty, don't take no for an answer.......keep bugging them and taking it in, no matter what inconvienence it is to you...........because you know AS SOON AS THE WARRANTY RUNS OUT THEY WILL "MYSTERIOUSLY" FIND THE PROBLEM!!!!
  4. but the boys at Tuffy's Auto Repair here in Columbus on SmokeyRow Rd are so honest it is disgusting.

    We put front brakes on my Ram and to me they felt a little spongy. I took it to Tuffy's for an oil change and asked them to bleed the brakes and check them for me. I told them I had just changed the front ones. They checked them out and told me, "there's no charge for that because they checked out o.k.".

    Now they could've bled them and charged me for it but they didn't. Very fair there. But like everyone os saying, keep every visit to the dealers documented. Get a service order from them showing that you were there for that same reason.
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    I have an 04 Durango 4.7 and when I use 10w-30 oil I have the same (only very slight) tick at startup. When i use 5w-30 I don't hear the tick at startup. Check your manual. Mine recommends 5w-30. Maybe when the dealership changed the oil they used the wrong viscosity. Probably ought to be there when they start and say "see there it is" Keep on 'em and good luck.
  6. Thanks guys,after reading the replies and the thread about lfter noise it looks like I might change the oil and if it persists I guess I will just leave it again and go there in the morning to make sure they hear it.

    Might be the worst feeling to have payed all that money only to find a problem that they do not want to deal with.

    Oh well, I guess thats the car business.

    Thanks for the replies and the help.
  7. Wait until winter, they'll hear it for sure then. :) My Chevy does it as well. Everyone I've asked about it says it's not much to worry about. So far, they're right (2 year now). Switching to 5w-30 helped some.
  8. I just want to make sure that this is not an issue that is going to result in engine failure. I have had many cars that have lifter noise that ran fine for years, but I want to make darn sure that that is the problem and not something else.

    If I wait for winter my warranty is up....go
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    I bought a '99 Chevy new off the lot and had the same problem from day one.Had it back to the dealer several times and was told it was nothing serious.Seems there was an issue with the timing on this certain engine that has since been corrected.I learned to adjust to the noise by turning up the radio a little.I personally put over 100,000 miles on it before making it a company truck two years ago and to this day,it takes a licking and keeps on ticking.
  10. I'm a bit off topic as far as years go but....... I have a 1991 Ranger that says on cold start up you will hear lifter noise for about 10 - 15 seconds. This is normal until the oil gets pumped to the top of the engine. That is not a direct quote but it IS clearly stated in the owner's manual!!! I guess Ford took the "why fix fix it if we can cover our a$$" approach on this one.
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    My xterra does this same thing. I'm not to worried about, I still have 2 years of warranty left....