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  1. Anybody out there experience a problem with intermittant stalling. It's a 2001 with the 3.2 V6.

    I've had a guy (trusted) replace a few items on the car over the last couple of months and the problem has come back. It has been 2 weeks since the last time and it always seems to happen at while the car is idling after coming off of the highway. I don't recall at this time exactly what he has done, but they are the same parts that a dealer would have replaced to this point. He is checking other information sources on this, but has said he has seen on other chat lines that this problem is popping up on the Intrepids all over.

    We don't think it is a moisture problem or a vacuum problem (hasn't been tested for vacuum pressure yet). Otherwise, the car runs great.

    If anyone has any ideas or suggestions it would be appreciated...thanks.
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    Have you replaced the CPS (crankshaft position sensor)? I had a Taurus SHO and it would stall when the engine was running at highway cruising speed. The motor would totally shut off. The car would refire after about 10 minutes of sitting and the error code would disappear. After a lot of diagnostic tests the error finally come up with the CPS being bad. After it was replaced, I never had the problem any more. I do not know if this could be what you are experiencing with your car or not but its a shot.

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    Had a similar problem with my Dakota. Not sure if the intrepid has this or not, since it is front wheel drive, but there was a sensor on my truck that went bad. Speed sensor I think. It was on the differential and controlled the odometer, idle speed and some brake stuff. It would often stall coming down the off ramp. Good luck.
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    I was thinking the same thing as soua0363 - my brother had an Intrepid that I think was having the same issues. It was the CPS too.
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    I third the crank sensor, had a dodge stratos and that was the problem.
  6. Sell it while its still worth something. My wife's Intrepid died dead at 127,000
    and a ballance of 5000 bucks. Couldn't find a repacement engine anywhere. I was told by every junkyard I called that everyone is looking for those engines cause they are all going bad. Sold the car for 300 bucks! Then went out and bought her a new Toyota Yaris. Just bought my daughter a Honda, other daughter a Toyota. Done with American cars!
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    I would check fuel pressure, if you can run the car with a fuel pressure gauge hooked up and watch to see if the pressure starts to drop as car gets warmer.If the car stalls and there is no drop in fuel pressure, than it's a good bet it's a bad crankshaft position sensor. You would be amazed how many different symptoms a defective fuel pump will cause. Sometimes the connection at the pump in the fuel tank gets bad. It's ok when cold,but as the connection gets warmer it expands and then you have a poor connection causing stalling, after the connection cools a little the car will usually restart.I work at a Chevy Dealership,but the technology is all the same anymore. It won't cost anything to put a fuel gauge on it and check. I'd hate to see you keep putting on parts you don't need! JUST A THOUGHT! Hope this helps.
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    Same here. We had one for a year and it blew up with only 78,000 miles. They definately had a problem with the engines.
  9. My sister and my friend had Intrepids around that year and a common problem they all have around 60,000 miles is the Timing. My sister spent $1200 on it and then about a month later it went out again. they ended up getting rid of it and getting a new might want to have this checked out. Hope this helps!