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  1. i tie it off pretty snug...maybe an inch or 2 of play

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  2. i leave about 6" of rope loose

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  3. more than 6" (of loose rope)

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  1. what are everyone's thoughts/experiences on tying off to a dock? do you tie your boat up snug with maybe an inch or 2 of play in the ropes? 6" of play? more than 6" of loose rope between the boat and dock? should you do anything different than normal if a thunderstorm is approaching i've heard a few different thoughts on this :confused:

    i have a good reason for this question :rolleyes:
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    all depends . are you using inflateable fenders??? i would leave it slightly loose.

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    It all depends on the dock.... Main concern is it a floating dock or stationary? Floating and you can tie fairly tight with fenders, Stationary and you want play in the lines. Alot of variances also...size of boat, rub rail height to dock, wood or metal dock, wind direction and so on and so on...
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    Depends on the waves too.
  5. Tight could be bad news in a storm. Generally I do the loose idea.
    Saw Lake Erie drop 5' at the dock when a storm was out in Lake. Would have capsized a
    tight tie up.
    Navy ties front of ship to back bollard and back of ship to front.
  6. in this instance it was a fixed wood dock with some tires for bumpers. the rub rail was a few inches above the dock. so you guys are saying bout' 6" loose on a fixed dock? thanks
  7. the average wave where we were docked was almost a foot pre storm. the boat is a 16', and the scum line was prolly 8-10 below the back of the boat.
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    Basically you want it so the boat can move with whatever conditions are without binding up the ropes & pulling the cleats out. You also don't want it so loose it bangs out to far & back. Just depends upon conditions when you dock it. Are conditions changing too, are you leaving it while you get an ice cream, or the tow vehicle? For hours, days, etc. All that is going to be a factor.