Docking on Portage?

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  1. Hey..........I've got a trailer at Clay's Park. I am there most, if not every weekend. I have taken the boat, and then trailered it over to Portage quite a bit, but that means I have to park it at the campground, and can't ride my bike down (and sometimes I like to do an evening ride with the wife)

    Anyway..........IS there anywhere to dock a boat at portage for the season?

    Most state parks have a marina, but I don't recall seeing one at Portage.

    I understand it would have to stay in the water and all that jazz, but it beats not having it at all, or having to decide every Friday what I would rather do.
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    the name is excaping me now but there is a place out on the point out from the new state park launch ramp that has season docking they have a gas dock there too and i believe there is one over in east res (litens mabey?)

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    Dusty's Landing

    It off of SR 619 where State St. intersects. Turn right off of SR 619 if you are going east and it deadends into Dusty's. Don't know whether they would have any docks left???
    They are on Turkeyfoot Lake.
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    Jim Simmons used to have a place up top next to the old anchor in on portage lakes drive.
    Been a while tho, not sure if either one is still available.

    Simmons Marine
    (330) 645-0415 544 Portage Lakes Dr
    Akron, OH