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Docking new Aluminum boat

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by mosquito walleye, Jun 5, 2017.

  1. Hi Everyone,
    Docking my new aluminum boat in Ashtabula on Lake Erie and didn't know if anyone knew of anything that I should be putting on the bottom of it to keep it safe, or just put nothing on it and clean it when I take it out each year. Last year I had my other aluminum docked in Ashtabula for half the season. The bottom got pretty disgusting looking when I took it out. All I did was use half toilet bowl cleaner and half hydrogen peroxide and sprayed it on and then power washed it off. I tell you what, that recipe works like magic!!! The build up seriously almost went away the second I sprayed it on! Once I did this everything looked brand new once again on the boat. I can do the same thing with this boat, but didn't know if anyone knew of anything that I should be doing before I even put the boat in the water to dock it. Let me know your thoughts.
  2. My uncle use to get somekind of coating sprayed on his boat... Though he had an old wooden monster. What I would do to get that boat though
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  3. vib-E


    my buddy had aluminum boat docked last year on vermillion river..he said this yr as soon as he pulls it out hes gonna pressure wash it right away.scum will come right off.dont let it dry before u try scrubing and washing.
  4. I still tried to do that last year right when I put it back on the trailer and not even a power washer could take it off!! I was shocked when I saw how hard it was to get off. Let it dry and took it home and I tell you what, that half and half mix I made works like magic, dry or wet. That boat did look brand new again.
  5. a good wax but if you dock you will alway have that slim
  6. When you dock a boat full time minus hull anti-foul paint it's going to be garbaged up every time.
  7. That is what I figured as well, thought I was post and see if anyone else new of any magic potion that helps out and does a great job to prevent large amounts. I didn't think I would find anything though. I guess I just have to take it out each year and use my magic half and half mixture that works great.