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  1. I was talking this weekend with a few friends and family about taking a trip up to PI this winter. We were talking about how cool it would be if we could all fish under one roof. My idea was to take one of those yard style tents that are so popular for tailgating and picnics and getting sides for it. We already have one that is 10x10 or 12x12. I thought if I could find cheep sides for it it would be the least expensive way to get everyone to be able to fish together.

    Any thoughts on the idea? I know we would have to secure it with some weights or possibly some kind of ice anchors, but it seems like it might work. We are looking at taking 5 guys, maybe 6 so we can not all fit in the two shanties that we already have.
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    I saw one of those at Mogadore last Winter. It was a little heavier duty, but same concept. I think there were at least 5 or 6 guys in it. Took them a while to secure, but once they did it was like a rock.

  3. my church bought one of those with the sides. its pretty nice i believe they got it at sams club.
  4. If theres a breeze it is a little hard to set up. The guy I saw do it just nailed the spikes into the ice. I tried it on ladue before I had a real shanty it was hard. It might be a little easier if you had more than one person.
  5. Yeah I can imagine it will need to be secured down well. We have two shanties, but I just thought it would be awesome to have all of us in one structure, even if it takes a bit of work. I'm glad to hear other people have tried this with some success. I even thought about ordering some screw in spikes from the "Ice Cube" style shanty web site. I just can't justify spending another $350-500 on one of those big 6 man shanty for once a year.
  6. Set up your two shanties facing eachother about 10' apart, then throw a tarp over the two and secure that down to make a large common area in the middle.
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    Why don't you buy your old man one for Christmas, I'm sure he'll let you use it.
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    i got that 2 man for sale.. :)