Do you think this 9.9 is to expensive?

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  1. I have a chance to buy a 2001 mercury 4 stroke long shaft
    with power trim and controls for 1800. First off, nada doesnt
    list a 2001 9.9 with power trim so I havent a clue what its worth.
    Called the guy and he says that it was purchased with a power
    trim. Norton marine says get the model number and check back.
    Motor is in excellent shape. What do you guys think?


    i would do what norton marine says and go from there. would u want to pay $1800 only to find out it is only worth $1200 or $1500? just a thought plus i dont know what the motor is worth anyhow just throwing it out there

  3. I agree, but there are a lot of guys on here that might
    be able to shed some insight. Trying to find a used
    4 stroke w/power trim for a reasonable price is like pulling teeth.
    Cant afford 3500 to 4000 for a new one but I dont want
    to throw my money away on a used one either.


    sorry not a problem
  5. Price seems acceptable but...............When spending that much money on a used piece of equipment, I would stick with the opinions of professionals. Would be worth paying Norton an hours worth of inspection time.
  6. Is the power tilt unit OEM from Mercury (within the motor), or an aftermarket unit?

    You can get a brand new tiller model Merc 9.9 four stroke for around $18-$1900, or you could get a new tiller model Merc Pro Kicker with power tilt for around $2200. These would come with a warranty, of course.
  7. Het, from what the guy is telling me it is factory. I dont believe
    I can run a tiller model. The handle will hit the back of my boat
    unless its in the up position. Thats why I posted the earlier thread
    on troll-master. I figured if I bought a tiller which is cheaper and
    addded the troll-master I could leave the handle in the up position:
    run the troll-master and tie into my main motor for steering. I contacted
    troll-master and their unit only puts out 75% thrust. Which shoots
    that option. For trolling it would be fine but incase of emergency I'm
    kinda hesitant. Ebay has a 2001 honda 8 hp new, never in water currently
    at 1050 with a tilt option for 495. Im figuring it may go for 1200. That
    may be another alternative.
  8. I have the Merc Pro-Kicker tiller with Trollmaster and slaved off the main motor as you described. It works with the handle in the up or down position and I am able to go to full throttle by simply twisting the handle. What is so important about handle up or down and being able to get full throttle via the Trollmaster? Full versus 75% will amount to about 1 to 1.5 mph as all you are going to get out of it is 6 to 8 mph wide open.
  9. Shortdrift, suppose your right. I saw the unit on troll-masters
    website. If you twist the throttle to full wide open it will not
    damage the servo motor or cable will it?


  10. Rednek

    Rednek "The Widow's Son"

    Manual full throttle operation is not impeded when you install a Trollmaster nor will it damage your servo.