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Do you rotate your areas you hunt?

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by TritonBill, Oct 12, 2005.

  1. I've been watching the deer in my area from my stand. I noticed they were migrating in the mornings/evenings to the same area which was at the other end of a field , the opposite side I was on. Last Friday I made use of a natural blind that allowed me to tuck away on the ground. I got a shot at a buck about 22yds away that night. Unfortunately I grazed the deer with a bad shot. No blood anywhere except on my feathers and a few white hairs. Saturday morning i saw nothing, Saturday night I got another shot at a doe and this time I totally missed, perhaps because I was frozen and shivering! Sunday afternoon I moved my stand about 50 feet from the area that I was on the ground. I hunted it Sunday night from the stand but didn't see any deer. Sunday I was walking back about 7:30 and spooked one out of the corn that was about 80yds from my stand. Monday night, hunted from the stand again but nothing. This area that I'm hunting is a natural travel area from the woods, eat some corn 10 feet away from the woods and then into the open field where i'm hunting. I'm basically hunting trails that are leading out of the woods and where the edge of the corn and alfalfa field meet up. My stand is a 10-25 yd shot from the path the 2 deer were Friday and Saturday night.

    Will this spot even get better as the rut nears? Most often I see groups of 5-6 does in the open field.

    I screwed up, both of those deer should have been mine had I had better shots!! Those were my first 2 shots at deer though with my bow and I'm sure I have a lot to learn. I've been practicing a good bit though every night.

    Just wanted your opinions on hunting there as often as I have...
  2. I rotate my spots when I'm hunting, especially if the wind is wrong for a particular spot. I only like to hunt a certain area a couple times, then I'll move a couple hundred yards. When I was younger I'd hunt the same spot over and over and I realized after a while the deer would completely avoid that spot. If the area is a natural funnel I'd say your deer sightings will go up come rut time. While I don't think you'll vacate the area of deer being that it's a food source, varying your location definately doesn't hurt.

  3. Smallie Gene

    Smallie Gene Banned

    Bill, Omsosis is on the money. You need a couple stands or blind set ups because the wind is everything. It sounds like you have patterned them, so get a few stand set up and choose your stand according to the wind.

    Does are great bait for the rut. So if you know where the does are, you will have a great chance at a nice buck during rut.

    Bill, keep practicing but I would focus more on relaxing and not getting nervous when you draw the bow back. Do not rush it either.
  4. These guys hit the main things I was going to say. Wind is big. Not just in terms of whether they sense you but also it often changes the deer travel routes to better utilize their sense of smell. They will try to enter an area from downwind if they can which may change their entry path from one day to the next.

    As far as the target practice, keep that up as much as possible. I know that you have not had your bow for too long so your body is still training itself to act natural in the correct form when the moment comes. Don't be afraid to practice from the stand while you are out too. I usually have a couple of arrows in my quiver that are target practice arrows. Each time I am in the stand I will choose a target on the ground and try to nail it. Shooting from a stand can change your perception of a target. You have to keep in mind that when taking close shots to bend at the waist to maintain the proper position of the bow.

    Then when the moment comes to take the shot just take a deep breath and relax and let your practice efforts pay off.
  5. I try and let my stands "rest" at least 2-4 days before I hunt them again and then only when the wind is right. It is easy to burn a stand out......I've done it more times then I like to think about.

    As far as missing goes the above advice is good. Relax and take your time. After you get your first deer it becomes alot easier and less nerve racking.

    Good luck and keep us posted on how you do.
  6. I wish I could get out enough to wear even one stand out. I have been out once thus far and that was taking my boy out.:(
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    crankus_maximus Crankus Baitus Maximus

    Going out for the first time ever during bow season this weekend and boy am I nervous. Hopefully I can get everything under control and remember all of the target practice, breathing, etc. I can't wait!
  8. If i created a picture of my property would that help? I need some help analyzing wind directions and my available property to hunt. I may create a separte post to see what some people think...
  9. What Smallie Gene said.

    I use one stand for does - no estrous scent, some salt blocks (deercane and apple blocks) and also the bag of apple chips hanging in a tree. I put the apple chips bag near the stand and the salt blocks at shooting range.

    My other stand is for bucks. Estrous drip bags are the ticket, and some deer cane helps alot. You will spook the does away with the estrous scent, so don't use them on the other stand area.

    And, hunt between the first and second week of November as much as possible. You will be pleasantly surprised at this week. Only complication is if field crop harvest interferes. If that happens, then things change for a while.

    On gun season, throw 50 lb of cracked corn into five or six pile in the doe shooting area.

    Ground blinds are good, but hard to shoot from and wind is most important.

    Practice shooting from the stand/blind. It does make a big difference.

    And this recommendation on 4 days between hunts is good. If spooked, then wait more than a week and up to two weeks.
  10. If you ever noticed alot of deer are killed the first time someone hunts that stand. I think out of all the deer I've killed at least 7 of them were the first time I hunted a certain section or stand. I use a climber so I move quite alot. I feel that the more you hunt a certain stand deer get accoustomed to someone being there. Either from scent, seeing you move or hearing you. If I get busted in a stand I usually give it a week or two before I even go near that place.
  11. DrZ


    I was about to make the same point chopiq, just over 50% of the deer I have killed have been shot during my first hunt in a stand...that should tell you something.