Do you know this man?

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  1. I know this isn't a very good picture but do you know this man? Today,Sunday July 6th he was at Hoover trolling next to my son and I. Notice how many rods he is trolling with? He has 4 out and using them all,by himself.He made several passes near us and after several times I decided to take a picture of him and his outfit.He saw what we were doing and promptly went up the lake and we never saw him again.We tried 1-800-poacher but got a recording about being closed ,can you believe that.

    Anyway we fished Hoover today with somewhat sluggish results.Our day started before sunrise and my son nailed a 5 lb channel cat on a crawler harness.Later he caught his first Fish Ohio 22 inch saugeye.I lost one nice one due to a darn swivel breaking and managed a 18 incher later.But the biggest surprise of the day was nailing something that had some weight to it and my line going in tight circles,after a brief battle I managed to forciably bring to the surface a 18 inch sand turtle on a crawler hardness.Makes we believe the worm harness can catch anything. all In all enjoyable day

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  2. misfit

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    nope.but i've seen the movie:p

    the invisble man:D

  3. I was having trouble loading the pic ,smarty pants:p
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    LOL.looks a ittle fuzzy,or do i have peanut butter on my glasses?
    the boat looks famiar,but hard to tell.

    as for calling the TIP line,there's a here's solution...........................

    hoover ranger cell number.they're on duty from 6 a.m. till midnight,i believe.
  5. thanks misfit,i'll load it in my phone for next time and yes it's a fuzzy pic,have to get a better camera too.
  6. PapawSmith

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    According to the photo he looks a little like everyone I know, in a boat I've never seen before. ;)
  7. Too bad you didn't get the Ohio boat ID number... You would of had him nailed!


    i dont know this guy and i am going to go way out on a limb here. the law says 2 rods per person but cant he use 2 rods as a teaser of some sorts with no hooks and them the back 2 rods as his main lines? im just asking here if he was useing 4 rods for fishing i wouldnt hesitate to nail this guy too
  9. I was trolling today and saw him out there. He was just in front of my boat. I looked over at my girlfriend and gave her a lesson on how you can only use two rods. I was hoping the ranger would swing by but never saw it. He was down by the south end of the lake at 10:00.
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    Thanks for posting this up puterdude - this will help everyone in case this guy is out again doing this. I didn't make it out Sunday, but I did remember to bring my camera along on my last 2 trips just in case something like this occurred.

    Just a word of advice for everyone fishing Hoover, take down the # in misfit's post and store it in your phone. Anything fishy and a quick call will allow the ranger's to figure it out.
  11. Goat,I got it loaded in my phone now and will use it in a heartbeat.We all should as well.It's guys like him that hurts us all in the end.If you look at his boat closely he has a black stripe,than a grey stripe,than a small red stripe.Guess where his boat numbers are? yeah,black boat numbers is a black stripe,think it's deliberate or just a coincidence.You'd have to be right up on him to get his numbers.With the angle he had his rods out he was making a 15 to 20 ft swipe with each pass,talk about a meat hog,I bet he wouldn't hesitate taking a double limit home as well.I'll be watching for him each trip over there now.
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    Well, the numbers alone would warrant a call. Boating regs. says you must have contrasting numbers 3" high and in a block-style font. I've seen numerous folks warned or ticketed because their boat #'s were hard to read, or the colors didn't contrast enough.

    I will definately be on the lookout and will call the rangers immediately if I see this guy pulling crap again. :mad:
  13. Nope I don't know this man - However, he is probably related to the few that I see up at Alum. The rangers are always looking in my live well to check the crappie size but they never seem to care about those using 3 poles or more.