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  1. Do you know anyone that can sew a boat that rip at the seams for a reasonable price
    Thank you
  2. a boat cover that ripped at the seams

  3. might try someone who makes awnings. I found a shoe repair shop in Pleasant Ridge who fixed a tent for me. It's been a few years ago. Good luck.
  4. Dont know where your located but theirs a guy in Canfield. Company name is Allcover. He has a shop on Berlin lake at Dutch Harbor. 330-719-0507. I had a cover made and he did a great job.
  5. Going Fishing
    Please help us, help you. Tell us where you are from.

    I know a place in Fremont and Toledo that my help you.
  6. erbco custom covers dundee ohio
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    any canvas shop can do it, i had one completely resewed a few years ago. it was originally sewed with cotton and came apart at the seems. just make sure it is resewed with dacron thread.
  8. I am in the cincinnati area
    I appreciate the help and just want to say this a great site i everyone is very helpful
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    There is a place in Ripley called Odyssey Canvas Works. Address is 6689 US Rte 52. (937) 392-4422