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Do women get crazier as they get older?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Wow, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. crazy? not sure if that's the right word. I say they change, been with my wife 27 years and she used to bait her own hook, help me fillet fish, and cut up deer now those days are gone.i mean what is a guy to do?.....p.s she makes more money yearly than I shes a
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  2. bats in the attic, nutty as a fruit cake, crazy in ways men cant imagine, evil , you betcha lolol

  3. Congratulations you found a unicorn.

  4. I've been lucky so far. It's catching up though, can't walk as fast and get out of the way!!
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  5. Lazy 8

    Lazy 8 Uncle Timbo.....commercial seed trader......

    Guys, guys, guys, scooch your chairs up close here, Uncle Timbo is gonna give you some advice. I know you all tell your wives how much you love them, but when was the last time you showed them? I don't mean showed them with the timer on either. I mean take your time like you've hooked a Huskie Muskie on 10 lb test and you KNOW you've got to take your time with her or you're going to lose her. Huh? :)
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  6. Wow

    Wow Will Yak For Food

    Thanks for your input, kayak1979, this is some very valuable data, very scientificy. I will add this to my database and collate the facts.--Tim

    Girl Sm.jpg
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  7. No matter how hot they are someone somewhere is tired of there sh't. Theyre all crazy every single one of them
  8. baitguy

    baitguy catchin my own bait since 1958

    I think that's a very accurate assessment ... my lovely spouse of 27 years can be ornerier than I ever get if she doesn't get things the way she wants ... she's been a great mom and in many ways a good partner but as we all do she has her faults that she doesn't recognize as such ... she can be a big time hypocrite and doesn't like being called on it ... she'll never admit it but I'm sure she thought that after a few years I'd "see the light" and be the guy she wanted to mold me into, unlike her first go round, who I never met but can understand some of his frustration ... when that hasn't happened it pisses her off ... I've mellowed considerably in those years but have the same standards and ideals as when we met, which are basically pretty high, but haven't changed a whole lot and she just can't understand how it is I haven't "grown up" and seen things her way ... of my dozen or so closest associates, only 2 would say they don't have major differences with their spouses, and that's probably about the right percentage ...
  9. There are two ways to handle women
    1. does not work
    2. does not work
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  10. as a friend of mine used to say "women are like coffee, with age they become cold and bitter"
    just sayin....
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  11. I,ve been married 41yrs ,and I have no complaints. I,d do it all over again. in a heart beat. guess I,m one of the lucky ones.
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  12. This December it will be 47 years together and I to would do it all over again. Funny we were born 4 days apart at the same hospital. Guess we were made for each other.
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  13. Lazy 8

    Lazy 8 Uncle Timbo.....commercial seed trader......

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  14. MuskyFan

    MuskyFan This year is flying by too fast....

    Posed this question to my wife. She replied that they are born that way, it's always with them. As they grow up and mature they realize they don't need to keep a lid on and can let people know how they feel. They get tired of the crap said to them or put on them and learn to stand up for themselves. She says it's normal, we're the ones who think they're crazy. lol
  15. ress


    At work she is the "Boss". At home I have to remind her she is not at work. Sometimes it gets heated. I have to step softly until it sinks in, then we're good! 31 yrs. and counting....
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  16. Lazy 8

    Lazy 8 Uncle Timbo.....commercial seed trader......

    Me an the ol' lady been married 30 years and we still use vaseline....
    We put it on the bedroom door knob to keep the kids out.
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  17. ress


    Married 30 yrs and still have little ones? Put it away, lol
  18. buckeyebowman

    buckeyebowman On the back 9 and loving it!

    Either they will change, or they will try to change YOU! My buddy's wife gripes constantly whenever he goes hunting or fishing. He tells her he's the exact same guy that she married, so get over it already!
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