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Do bass like...

Discussion in 'Bass Discussions' started by Anth, Sep 24, 2004.

  1. do bass like plastic crayfish? what color works good and what size.
  2. ncraft150

    ncraft150 Buckeye-Basser

    Bass love crayfish!! Every lake can have different color crayfish. Portage Lakes they are redish while up near Erie they are greenish. Turn over rocks on the lakes you fish to find them and se what color they are.

  3. i dident know that. i thought they all were a brownish color.
  4. how do you get a live crayfish on a hook? what rig do you use?
  5. LiquidTension

    LiquidTension mouse potato

    i've only fished live ones up at Erie and we used just plain #2 worm hooks. i also pegged a very small worm weight about 5 inches up from the hook. you could go with a split shot as well. you want to hook them thru the tail and drag them backwards. crawfish flee threatening situations backwards.... i suppose by design. they also make a clicking sound when escaping. so you might want to add a glass/plastic bead on your rig so it slides up/down your line and clicks against your hook or weight for an added attraction device. ;) good luck...bass luv 'em
  6. Erie smallies love soft craws, but I couldn't keep the sheepies off the hook! :mad:
  7. I've always done very well on 4 inch Pumpkinseed Power Craws. It seems like they work well anywhere I fish them.
  8. As another added lure, I reccomend Rebel Craws. Expirement with different colors and sizes, but I use the Wee-Craws. I have caught 5 lb largemouth with that small of a lure. I usually rip them along the bottom making sure they are bouncing off of rocks. My favorite colors are red/black and pumpkinseed. I also reccomend chnaging the hooks, as the ones they come with are not very good. These are great for streams, rip-rap areas, and points. I am always amazed that big bass will hit a small lure.
  9. I like to rig my craw's in a split-shot rig. its just a med.led shot and a hook about 12in between each other. i just texas rig them to the hook.
  10. Thanks guys. I never had much luck with the crayfish. I've tried them. I always worked them slowly along the bottom. Never had much luck.
    "Ripping them along the bottom" makes a heck of a lot more sense.
    I've caught thousands of crayfish when I was a kid. It really never occurred to me to fish them they way the reacted when I was reaching for them. Backwards, Fast.
    I'll let cha know how it works.
  11. two years agow i always got 50 or so a day in the licking river. but now im lucky to find 5 :eek: .
  12. We used to get them at night while we were catfishin. We'd take the lantern by the water. The crayfish would come near. We had 2 foot of line with a small hook and a peice of worm stuck on hook. We'd lower the hook over top the crayfish until he'd grab it with "da-claw". One yank and he's on the shore. A bucket full was easy.
    That was a few years though.