Dnr Shock Netting

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  1. Anybody Know When The Dnr Does Their Shock Netting At Tappan Or Mosquito?
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    They do Test Netting in the Spring. They do shocking usually in the Fall but at other times that they feel it is necessary.

  3. Saugeye shocking and netting is in the fall. I think they do bass shocking in the spring.
  4. Side note here from another site.

    01-29-2007 I heard Saturday from a very UNRELIABLE source that during an ODNR electroshocking survey this fall at Nimisila two largemouth in excess of 14lbs. were counted.
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    reel, I think you supplied the key word... ;)
  6. i will go ahead and correct whomevers unreliable source, there is no way the dnr shocked a 14lb fish let alone two, they would have made it big news. its like the idiot that told me the other day that they shocked a 10 and a 12lb fish out of miami whitewater, he tried to argue until i told him one of my friends was on the boat, and neglected to mention those... people like to make big fish up. i have heard the nimi rumor several times, i doubt there is a 14lb fish in the state, unless in a tank.
    also there are several gov. agencies shocking almost throughout the year, email some of the guys in columbus and they may be able to give you a schedual of the odnr's