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  1. So, it looks like the DNR isn't just hitting the rivers to find people having a good time, they are hitting the lakes as well. I went fishing, with sme friends, at Rocky Fork this weekend. We were minding our own business, fishing the shore on the south side of the lake and enjoying a few liquid libations on a hot sunny day. We were quiet and stayed to ourselves, even waved to people as they drifted by. The catching wasn't great, but we were enjoying the day none-the-less. So along comes a DNR patroll boat we set our beers, in koozies mind you, down in the cup holders and he very kind DNR officer asks us to remain in the boat and to help her pull in beside us. Asks how many beers we had, and cited the lot of us for open container. Also, mind you, the driver was not intaking any of the alcohol and we had honestly had only one a piece while on the water. Needless to say, this ruined a good day on the water. I know we drummed up this whole dillema earlier but the thing that really gets me is that there were two other boats (one a sailor) in sight drinking out of plastic cups and she didn't pay them one visit. We are younger, 23-24, so that may have influenced her to check us out. But what drives me nuts is that if you are going to check one boat, you have to check them all. I dissapoints me to say the least and I while I know its against the law, it makes me sad to know I can't enjoy a couple cold ones with some friends on a lovely day on the lake.

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    I admire the dnr for doing this...personally if I wanted to have a beer I would have it at home, or in a bar.



    I dissapoints me to say the least and I while I know its against the law, it makes me sad to know I can't enjoy a couple cold ones with some friends on a lovely day on the lake.

    and u are upset that they was doing their job?

    But what drives me nuts is that if you are going to check one boat, you have to check them all.
    me and a buddy of mine was at erie the other weekend and had the coast guard check us out and a little later a different coast guard boat checked everyone around us and didnt check us. so i dont think just because they checked u that they have to check everyone.
  4. I must agree with flathunter beer is to be enjoyed at home or in a bar (if someone else is driving). I think there in no place on the water for beer things can happen to fast . So wags they were doing there job and well I think .
  5. Yes, they seem to be cracking down more than ever on the state lakes.

    Bottom line you're not supposed to have it. We all know that.. The only option you have is to conceal it the best you can and be considerate to everyone on the water.

    Glasses for the beer. Not BOTTLES!!

    Crunch cans as small as you can and store in a portable toilet. They will not check those unless you give them a reason to tear your boat top to bottom.

    The wife loves to have a few glasses of wine on the boat at night. Pour it in a flask or water bottle and stick it in the cooler. Use a plastic glass!!

    Watercraft officers HATE to see anything glass on a boat. It's just bad news!

    I think you would really have to be a real pain in their butt to get your boat ransacked by them.

    You're just better off having it later but if you must.... there are tricks of the trade to get around it. To each his own!
  6. There is a law and you are required to respect and obey it or suffer the cost of knowingly breaking it. How much simpler can it be ?????????
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    I agree with Jack on this one, it's a known fact that alcohol isn't permitted in state parks so you should of known ya were taking the risk. Don't hate the DNR guys either, they're just doing their job.

    I was down in Mount Vernon, Indiana this past week fishing the river. I tried to contact a DNR officer down there to ask him what the legal cast net size was since no one else in the area seemed to know. He called me back, but I didn't answer the phone cause I was in the process of rebaiting. Checked my voicemail shortly there after to which he left his number. I deleted the message without writing down the number assuming caller ID would of just picked it up, it didn't however. Getting back to the ramp at about 1 or 2AM theres the Conservation Officer sitting at the ramp - Just waiting for us. The only truck at the boat ramp with Ohio tags - heck we we're the only people at the ramp period. Checked every single thing he possibly could of, almost fining my friend for not having signed his 7 day out-of-state license. Other than that everything was fine, and he let my friend borrow a pen to sign the license. I asked him what the legal castnet size was, to which he asked "what size did you use?" I answered him honestly not actually knowing if I had used a legal sized net. I told him a used a 5ft radius net, to which he asked "where at?" Luckily I used it at a lake up the road and not on the river since you can only use 9'3/4" nets on the river down there, AND again luckily, the net wasn't on the boat. Almost felt as if he was just trying to pick us apart because we were out of towners. Regardless, he was just doing his job, and I can't blame him for that.
  8. You can’t dive a car down the road with an open beer, so why should a boat be different? The thing I would like to know is why don’t they ever give tickets to ones who can’t back their boat in the water? Or take all day to load or unload them while sitting in the middle of the ramp?
  9. WOW that is a great fricken point!

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    Good point!!!! I was out with a buddy a few weeks ago and it started to rain...it was a little after 10:30pm and we started heading in to the ramps on cj brown...and with all the space wouldnt you guess it was packed...go figure, and not a curteous fisherman was out that night...took forever for them to "learn" to back their trailers down the ramp and once they hooked up...they would pull 3/4 of the way up the ramp and sit there strapping down all their equipment...come on people...thats why they make pull offs and parking lots right up from the ramps...I belive we waited close to 30 mins before we even had a chance to pull the boat up the the end of the ramps
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    "I agree with Jack on this one, it's a known fact that alcohol isn't permitted in state parks so you should of known ya were taking the risk."

    Absolutely...not true.

    The law saws it is illegal to "openly display or publicly consume alcoholic beverages in a State park".

    Confines of a tent, trailer, lodge...yer good to go. Use a mug, bub...hide the empties, and act like a human. 95% of the time they won't say a word.

    Unfortunately...this is a gray area subject to the interpretation of the offical. Kinda like stream access laws.
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    To the poster above me...Hmm, I always read "no alcohol permitted" as "no alcohol permitted." But I guess thats open to interpretation for some people....:confused: Let's see here:

    Taken directly from DNR's website:

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    It's really simple. They did not mess with you because you are young or whatever. They have binoculars and are looking for people not playing by the rules. The law might be in the Grey area, but if you are on a boat, on the lake with open container you will get busted. That is there job. If you can't enjoy fishing without a beer that is a different problem, but I would suggest being a little more careful.
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    I was checked again Saturday evening at West Branch in NE Ohio. This was the second time in the last two weeks.
    I flashed them my safety inspection sticker I got the last check and he just told me to turn my anchor light on.
    Last weekend they just left me alone.
  15. I was under the impression the said "It is illegal to consume alcahol in public unless it is sold legally where you are".

    Also, the they passed may have been checked earlier. If so, then it would not need to be checked again.
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    I am just glad to see a dnr presence on the water. We complain because we never see them out there, and now complain when they are. I hope they at least checked your fishing lisence while they were writing you a ticket. I do agree that you should get the ticket because its illeagal and out in the open, however, I would be willing to bet the sailors were imbibing but it was not visible. colored plastic cups work well, I will say at this point that I agree with Flathead and the others that drinking should done elsewhere, not on the water. That is when accedents happen What they really need to be doing is checking for lisence and what people are keeping in there five gallon buckets.............S
  17. I'm with the OP on this one. You can't be selective about who ya check and who ya don't. If people are minding their own business and not stirring up trouble, no harm no foul, ya know? I'd like to say the DNR was just doing their job but they weren't, just for the simple fact they ignored all the other boats.

    Sucks that you were the ones who got cited but I guess it's the same as if you were in a car. Maybe next time go ashore for a few sips and a piss break, and then head back out?


    Save up your Mt. Dew and Coke cans and cut the tops and bottoms off of them, then make a single cut up the side and slide this over your beer can. Looks like a Mt. Dew or a Coke from more than a few inches away. ;) LOL And that folks is why we go to college!
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    Sell your bass boat and get a kayak or canoe. Then pick one of the many beautiful rivers or streams that this state has to offer and take a float trip. You won't have to mess with jet ski's, boat ramps, stupid people or DNR officers. That's what I do. And did anyone mention that smallies fight better than LM bass. lol;)
  19. I'm hard pressed to see what the problem is. It's a ticket. If it had been in a motor vehicle and not a boat a lot more than a ticket would have been issued. I know boating, fishing and drinking beer seems to go hand-in-hand with many folks' outdoor agenda. I'm sure everyone knows the law, however. If someone really doesn't understand what that law means, they are the last person I would want to encouter on the water, on the road or any walk of life. They would have to be living in a world unto themselves where nothing or no one else mattered... until they get caught and someone else didn't.
  20. The law is...Well ...The Law.