Dixie Muskies

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  1. Has anyone ever ventured south of the mason / dixon for a shot at some winter muskies? Chris Haley keeps tryin' to get me to go down to tennessee in Jan/Feb for a hunt. Thanks for the input guys, Gabe :B
  2. I've made the trip to Melton Hill a couple winters ago. The hot bite is when the Bull Run plant is producing electricity...cooling water is warm and attracts all the shad (and muskies). Problem is...they don't publish their generation times and as fate would have it, they were not producing the 3 days I was there. All the fish from the week before had moved back out. Just like the rest of the reservoirs around here though...I was able to find them in shallow water near logs and other cover along the shoreline. Most action was way south of the Bull Run plant...I drove several miles upstream from it but never saw anything. There were some places several miles south of the plant with names like "**** head haller" or "jack ass run" or something like that with lots of places that looked good to me. Good luck.

  3. Big_b16-
    Chris did mention the Hydro plant and said it was a hotspot. Have you fished there more than once? If so, when did you have your best luck? Thanks, Gabe:B
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    Big B16 - How big is the area you have to fish around the cooling water discharge? I'd hate to go down there on a weekend and find out I have to rub elbows with a bunch of other fisherman, like the Maumee walleye run.
  5. Chris will be at the OH show again this year so we can ask him all about Melton Hill in a few short weeks.