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Dixie Marine

Discussion in 'Ohio Bait, Tackle, Taxidermy, etc. Marketplace' started by Rooster, Apr 8, 2004.

  1. Rt.4 in Fairfield, about 5min from BPS

    Great selection of bass gear! Many specialty items that BPS does not carry. This is the ONLY place in Cincinnati that has Road Kill Camo Snoozer tubes and Sumo Frogs!
  2. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    Bought my boat there...I agree, they have a KILLER tackle selection. A lot of hard to find stuff!

  3. Bassnpro1

    Bassnpro1 OSU outdoorsman

    I concur :rolleyes: Actually my favorite buzzbait is found there the Chatterbuzz. I haven't seen it at BPS. Great store
  4. DavidWS10

    DavidWS10 Bankless Boat Trash

    I've got to agree with everyone about Dixie Marine. I bought my boat there as well and have had nothing but great service from them. I do wish, however, that they carried some catfishing stuff. I only catch bass by accident.