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Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Cordon, Oct 27, 2008.

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    Yes they have good seminars. I usually go. I'll be there tonight. Is anyone else planning on going??

  3. I'll be there.
  4. I will be there tonight. Listen to good ol' Joe Thomas give a seminar.
  5. Too far for me but you never know. Fishing makes us extend our capablities.
  6. It was a decent seminar about the life of a fishing pro. Some funny stories about "ultimate match fishing", which I had never seen(dern time warner cable), entertaining.
  7. Yeah, Joe is a really cool guy. His son is was in the same youth club as me this past year so I had the privilege of talking to Joe on several occasions. He has many more stories like that the ones heard last night.
  8. I have Time Warner Cable and have seen all of the Ultimate Match fishing shows. Fridays @ 9:00pm on the Outdoor Channel. It is Digital Channel 168 down here in the Cincinnati area. you have to have the digital sports tier in order to get this channel.
  9. Yeah, well I hate to pay what I am paying much less another fee for "Digital Sports Tier"(how much extra is it?).
  10. 3.95 it includes Fox sports central, Atlantic, Pacific. Outdoor Channel, Speed Channel, CBS College Sports and NBA TV
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    Anyone go to the FINS Seminar last night?

    Charley Hartley was there and what a character he is! It was a GREAT seminar.

    Next Monday night should be a good one! "Skinny water" bassin from canoes, kayaks and wading and Musky fishing too.

    Should be a good one.

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    Yea I may try to go to next weeks seminar. It's good to see that they are not forgetting us wading fishermen.
  13. I missed last night's seminar. Did anybody attend?