Dissapointment On The V

Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by jojopro, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. Stream Fished: Vermilion River
    Outing Date: Wed. 11/19/08. 3:30pm - Dark.
    Weather: Cold, overcast, slightly windy at times.
    Air Temp: low to mid 30's.
    Water Temp: mid 30's. :confused:
    Water Level: Right about where it should be, with a flow of 150cfs.
    Water Color: Heavily stained, brownish-green. Less than 1 foot visibility.
    Fish Species: Seriously???
    Patterns Fished: Large steelie spawn sacks in all colors, jig 'n' maggs, bunker minnows tipped with Gulp! waxies, & soft plastic minnows. No hits on anything.
    Fishing Quality: Piss-Poor :(

    Report: I knew going in that the color would still be heavily stained, yet I still had high hopes for a good outing fishing with bait. Boy was I saddly mistaken. I was expecting the river to be stacked with aggressive fresh chrome, but the only sign of a fish was the one that I saw roll the surface. I only saw 3 other anglers, and I did not see any of them hooking up either. The flow is already very slow through the deeper water areas, and by the time the V clears to prime color, there will likely be no flow remaining. :(

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    I hate when that happens jojo. maybe I will see ya out there sometime!

  3. sorry to hear about the trip. The water tables still remain very low for this time of year, and the creeks/rivers will run clearer faster untill the watershed replenishes its self! Only then will the rivers have a more stable flow of water and not run dry as fast!
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    I know it sounds crazy, but the only thing I ever have luck on in chocolate water is nightcrawlers. I will throw them with no float, drifting them down through the bottom of tailouts.
  6. Caught 3 at the V on Gold Vibrax spinner yesterday afternoon. The V is clearing and should be ready this weekend. No snow at the V or south of the V so I assume that it will continue to clear rapidly.
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    I think I'm gonna try a vibee on all these steelhead rivers this weekend :)

    I'll let ya guys know. Vibees are a blast to fish, IMO.
  8. I tried it for 2 hours this morning...Nothing. Saw 2 jump, no hits on silver, orange, firetiger, or gold/black spinners, no hits on jig/wax either. Clarity about 15" and 18" while the sun was out for a whole 4 minutes. Nice 1 foot chop and 30mph winds this morning. Kind of refreshing and makes me appreciate those 60 degree days two weeks ago while steelheading. Good luck this weekend. I will be back on the V from Weds through Saturday each morning/afternoon.