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Disneyworld BASS excursion...thumbs up

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports - Out of State' started by Nipididdee, Jan 23, 2005.

  1. Anyone taking the fam to the land of "magic" make sure to check out the fishing - me and my 3 and 5 yr old had a GREAT two hour trip - 15+ fish many 3-4.5lbrs - a tad pricey- but hey its the kindom of $3 cokes - most memorable part of our vacation - lake is loaded with toads ready to eat!!!! Any info needed feel free to pm me

  2. Fish4Fun

    Fish4Fun Relaxing.

    ya i want some info will pm you soon

  3. I was down there a month ago for work. They put us up at the Grosvenor Resort in Downtown Disney. I had gone down a couple days early to get in some flats fishing with my brother who lives in cape coral, and we still had our gear in the truck when he dropped me in Orlando. I used the saltwater gear using soft plastic jerk baits in the lake behind the resort that probably never gets fished and caught many 3+- pounders. Also caught a 14" snapping turtle on the bass assassin and a gar. It made the trip like a vacation! I think all those lakes around Disney are connected with canals and the like. I would like to take one of the guided trips, must be awesome.
  4. Top h20 -- We did this the last day we were there. Had I known I woulda brought a travel rod!!!! He was telling me how they are attempting to propagate it as a trophy fishery in the years ahead to attract more anglers. Your experience sounds awesome!!!!

    Jerry- drop me a line if need specifics- be glad to give you info that I have!

  5. Fish4Fun

    Fish4Fun Relaxing.

    Ok nip I will be there from july 6th until the 14th with family and grandparents. some questions.

    1. can i just walk up and fish any of the ponds on my own?
    2. Can you fish them anytime of the day?
    3. Whats the best things to use down there as i am flying and cant bring my who arsenal?

    i would like to try to get over there early couple mornings and fish or in the evenings when everyones hanging out.

    Do you have to have a fla license to fish them.

    I think the package we are getting for the park includes the use of the fishing excursions at no cost if thats the case my family may see me dissapear for a couple hrs on a couple days.
  6. 1.- the guide told me they dont allow fishn around the ponds or canals of the interconnected kingdom - BUT - has that ever stopped a fisherman before!?:) Also I have heard of several now who took travel rods and fished either in or around the watershed system similar to topwaters report.

    2. Times- if above is correct!- I would say about 3am!!! :)

    3. Lures - take the gum out of your mouth and that should do just fine!
    Guide was hot into cotton candy straight worms,blueberry and I broke one on hookset (of course it was BIG of the day!lol) on a small redshad - the good one I landed on a pink silver fluke. My kids had a 10-1 ratio on me using shiners.

    Youll be too tired to fish!!!! All day park ventures 7a-10p - my kids were ready each and every morning too - they never got tired!!!

  7. I just asked the guy at the hotel luggage storage place if it was cool if I fished out back and he said "I don't see why not..." That's enough permission for me. I bet if I would have asked the manager he would have said no for fear of me getting bit by a gator and sueing (which I would never do, but try convincing anyone of that)

    In fact, I wandered over to what must have been the adjacent hotel's shoreline and got booted by a groundskeeper on a power trip. I could tell that he did not really know if I was allowed to fish there, just wanted to tell somebody else what to do for once.

    Anyway, what I really needed was my bellyboat!