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    My family and I are going to Disney for vacation this summer. I've read in the guide books about the bass fishing offered at the park. I was wondering if anyone has fished at Disney. I'd rather go somewhere else in Florida, but time (and the fact it costs a down payment on a house so I'm getting my moneys worth) dictates not leaving Orlando. It would be cool to bass fish in Florida, but is it worth it at Disney? Also we'll be going in August, so even if the fishing's good it may not be worth it. If anyone has fished there I would appreciate any information you have.
  2. I fished with this guy during june. not to far from disney. we used both live and artificial bait. caught a 10 an 8 and lots of 4 and 5 pound bass.

  3. I did the Disney bass fishing in November when we went down to Florida. From the aspect of catching fish it was great we probably caught 2 dozen largemouth in a couple of hours. I think that the biggest was 3 Lb 8 Oz and the guide commented that they have hired a fish biologist to try to increase the size if the bass. There are 3 or 4 of the hotels on the property that you can leave from (You dont have to be staying in them to book the trip you just have to meet the boat at the marina for that hotel) The nice thing about doing it at Disney is that it didnt take much time away from the parks. We went out early in the morning and were in the parks by like 10 or 1030. I have never tried to go off the property to fish but if you would like PM me, my brother lives outside of Orlando and can probably get you numbers for guides if you would like.

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    My family did the guided trip at Disney and I liked it. We were using both live and artificial baits. We caught around 2 dozen or so as well with the biggest being around 4lbs.
  5. They should tell that fisheries biologist to take a look at the HUGE flock of cormorants that use the Disney lake (the one that butts up to Fort Wilderness) if they are really wondering what is going on....

    I watched about a dozen of them feeding about 100 yards offshore last April...guess what they had in their mouths when they came up....
  6. Did this in Jan 05'- loved it- great for kids- guide allowed me to do whatever desired...we ran around a lot :)

    I wish I went with Laterline though!!!!!

    No 10's or 8's- but the boys did put a lickn on me!!!

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    How much $ was the guide?
  8. I was down there back in 95 and stayed at Fort Wilnerness and fished from the docks and caught some 4 and 5 pounders. On my last day the security guard from Fort Wilnerness told me that I wasn't allowed to fish off the docks there. Oh well had a blast and I used all art. bait and my best bait was a rapala fat rap, black and silver. Also check the bream while you are there. They are HUGE............................Rich
  9. here's the 10 from gatorbass.com. can't remember the price, but you could go half or full day. i'd go again with this guy. we were on fish right away.

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  11. If I remember right it was right around $200.00 for 3 hours and you could take up to 4 people for that price.

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    I have seen some monsters in those Disney lakes. Not sure I could drop $200 to fish for a couple hours though.

    I did some self guided fishing along the canals that run along Rt 60 I believe. Didn't do too awful bad. Caught around 10, seen some huge gators and snakes, and also got up close and personal with a huge gar. Had some fun though, definitely different than largemouthing here in OH.

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    gator bass left a bad taste in my mouth. i went for a trip 2 summers ago, strictly artificial. caught several bass but nothing over 2 pounds. maybe i should have went on a live shiner trip
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    Nice toad there Omar!!!
  15. pc, we did shiners first and yes that's where all the action was. It was my honeymoon and seeing the wife catch an 8 on her first cast was awesome! We played with soft jerkbaits later with schooling fish but didn't have much luck.
    Still if and when i go back i'm gonna give him a call.
  16. thanks jeff! can't wait until spring.