Disc For Razor Phone Pics

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  1. Does anyone on here have a disc to download photo's from a razor phone. I have the cable already, just need the disk or a copy of one. They want 50.00 at local alltell, I said, no way. Would still cost .25 to send e-mail photo. Anyhow, anyone ? pm me Thanks, Mike
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    i didnt know there was such a thing. i just email them to myself. ive never been charged.

  3. The good folks at alltell informed me that if I were to subscribe, for 5.95/ month. I could send a max, 300 pics. With the price of the phone and service, you would think photo sending would b free. Or at least, be able to download to personal source. Mike
  4. I have a RAZR V3M with Verizon as my carrier, they disable everything and charge for sending photos and text messages.
    It has a microSD card located behind the battery.
    I remove the card from time to time and download/upload photos etc through a SDcard reader I got for my birthday.

    Not sure what you mean by disc ? ?
  5. My razor phone does not have removable memory. Alltell has a program disc which allows the downloading of photo's onto your pc. Thats the disc I'm looking for. Mike
  6. How about Bluetooth ? ?
  7. Has bluetooth, but will still be charged .25 for a photo send.
  8. I'm out of ideas.

    From what I read, what you saved by getting the 3A you will have left over to spend on extras.

    Like they said "you can pay me now or pay me later".

    Good luck. Hope someone locates a disk for you.
  9. I have one with Verizon and was told to use this. Havn't tried it yet but they say it enables you to do all the stuff the phone companies try to charge you for.

  10. Hacking your RAZR voids the warantee.
    I intend to do it anyway to mine someday.
    But be careful you may end up with an i-brick.