disappointed with the NFL

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by iam20fan, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. i am a bengals fan. i was really hoping to watch the pats and pitt game today on regular tv. instead we are stuck watching the jets and browns. why? pitt maybe the only loss NE could get this season.
  2. If you are in south dayton you should get both games.. CBS 7 is Browns/Jets - CBS 12 is a cincy channel carrying Pitt/NE. CBS 12 is not in HD though for TW and near impossible to get OTA.

  3. This is so funny b/c I have had to listen to my husband carry on and on about how he can't watch his game.
  4. You're a Bengals fan...that's the problem...LOL. If you were a Browns fan, you wouldn't mind. I know it will be a great game, but I would much rather watch my Browns.
  5. ...your not missing much...
  6. hubby is a steelers fan :) I do believe they lost. LOL!
  7. looks like i didn't miss much
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    It wasn't that bad... the Brown's game was a good contest anyway.
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    The LIONS suk!